Vanšu Bridge – view from Riga Islande Hotel

Riga , Latvia
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Vanšu Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge Vanšu Bridge online, over Daugava River in Riga was inaugurated on July 21 year 1981. It was originally called the Gorky Bridge. As of now it has the longest span of all bridges of its type in the world.

The bridge you see in webcam, is not fully finished according to the original project plan. The construction was affected by financial problems, therefore, different changes in the project were made. Because of that, all of the planned exits and other traffic improvements were not constructed.

Because of its spectacular architecture, the Vanšu bridge in the live camera, has become to be a popular tourist attraction point. At the same time, it is one of the most important infrastructure object in Riga. It provides movement over Daugava River for road transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

Vanšu Bridge, demonstrated in live cam, extends Krišjānis Valdemārs Street to reach Kalnciema Street. On the side of Pārdaugava, right next to the bridge, one of the most spectacular buildings in the city, Saules Akmens (Sun Stone), reaches up to the skies, creating a beautiful combination with Vanšu Bridge in the live broadcast.

One the other side of the bridge in the web camera, Ķīpsala beach was created a few years ago. The beach was created from the enormous amount of sand that was left behind after deepening the creek of Daugava River.

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