Rhine Falls

Schaffhausen , Switzerland
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Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls , which perfectly demonstrates in online webcam, is the real main attraction of the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen and the whole country. Its width is 150 m, and its height is 23 m. The Rhine Falls online, has a capacity to push the largest water volume in comparison with other waterfalls in Europe. Every second, powerful waterfall streams bring down 250 cubic meters of water in the winter and 700 cubic meters in the summer.

The Rhine Falls, which you see in the webcam, has an elderly age of about 14-17 thousand years. Due to the River Rhine rocky banks erosion, there were separate rocks appeared in the center of the waterfall.

Since the Rhine Falls, you can see in live broadcast, is the most popular tourist place, there is everything perfectly equipped. It is possible to go to the very center of the waterfall on a special excursion boat. Besides, you can observe the beautiful Rhine Falls from special observation platforms.

An impressive view opens up from the Laufen Castle observation deck. Also in the castle you can get acquainted with the history of the Schaffhausen region, where the live camera is located, and get detailed information about the waterfall itself.

It is possible to have a great lunch at the “Shlössli Wörth” restaurant on the small Werd Island overlooking the Rhine Falls online. It is also convenient to have a cheap meal in the “Park at the Rhine Falls”.

Across the River Rhine in the web camera, below the waterfall, there is a railway bridge opened in 1857 and connected the cities of Winterthur and Schaffhausen (the capital of Schaffhausen canton). The bridge is equipped with a pedestrian’s sidewalk, so you can admire the waterfall from the bridge.

In addition to traveling by boat to the Rhine Falls, which is perfectly visible in  live webcam, there is the possibility of longer walks through the water. For example, Rhine Falls you see in live camera, circular tour takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the tour, guests get the information about the history of the Rhine Falls and its legends.

In the day of the national holiday, every year in July 31 at 21:45 there is a colorful fireworks show over the Rhine Falls in the web camera.

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The climate in Schaffhausen, where the webcam is located, is temperate continental. The average January temperature is -1.7 ° C. In July, on average, + 17.1C. Weather forecast in Schaffhausen for 7 days is available on our website online.