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Stein am Rhein , Switzerland
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Stein am Rhein

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Stein am Rhein

Beautiful 360-degree panorama of the picturesque Swiss city of Stein am Rhein in our live broadcast. Webcam is located on the medieval Hohenklingen Castle. In the online stream you can see the old town of Stein am Rhein, famous for its outstanding paintings and romantic alleys.

The name of the city in our webcam translates as “Stone on the Rhine”. The city is a medieval settlement on the banks of the Rhine River, 13 km from Lake Constance.

The old city center of Stein am Rhein is especially attractive for tourists: there are beautiful old buildings with frescoed facades. The city of Stein am Rhine is one big tourist attraction.

Besides the old buildings, there is a Benedictine abbey, a medieval Hohenklingen Castle on the hill, where our webcam is, ancient gates and towers, as well as the picturesque island of Werd with its monastery and chapel.

If you have just arrived in Stein am Rhein, which panorama you can see in our webcam online, then start your excursion from the main old town street – Unterstadt Street and the Town Hall Square.

Check out the front crown house of 14th century. It is beautifully painted outside, and its interior is in the Renaissance style. On the first floor of this house there is one of the oldest shops of Stein am Rhein. The neighboring house, “At the Stag”, is distinguished by beautiful bay windows of the early 18th century. Nearby there is “At the Red Bull” house with a biblical theme painted facade. Also, there is the oldest tavern of Stein am Rhein.
The oldest hotel is located in the “At the Sun” house. And the oldest frescoes, created at the beginning of the 16th century, are depicted on the facade of the “At the White Eagle” house.

Visit the St. George Benedictine Abbey, leading its history from the Roman period. In the Historical Museum you can see Stein am Rhein citizens’ life of the 19th century.

Other interesting places in Stein am Rhein include the Upper and Lower Gates the Market Square fountain with a statue of a warrior, an arsenal building, a defense tower and a “witch prison.”

Besides the visiting the town of Stein am Rhein itself, make a trip to the picturesque Werd Island, where the monastery and the Franciscan Chapel are located. Here you can hear the battle of the oldest bell in Switzerland, cast at the end of the 13th century.

Weather forecast in Stein am Rhein for 7 days is available on our website online.

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