Bessières Bridge

Lausanne , Switzerland
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Bessieres Bridge

There is the live stream to the one of the most famous famous arched bridges in the Swiss city of Lausanne – Bessieres Bridge online. It was built it in 1910 for the money of the banker Charles Besser. Bridge planning took several decades. As a result, a rather expensive bridge turned out to be 160 m long and 15 meters high. The Bessieres Bridge in webcam is not only an important city site, but also the main attraction of Lausanne.


The city of Lausanne, where the live stream comes from, is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, is the cultural center of Switzerland. The city is rich not only in the Alps landscapes, but also in various historical and cultural landmarks.

An important advantage of the city with the online camera, is the Notre Dame Gothic cathedral, which construction began in the 12th century and ended 100 years later. There is a unique organ in the temple – the largest in Switzerland, where the live broadcast goes from. Another church that deserves attention is the 13th century Gothic St. Francis Church.

The famous Rippon Square with the 19th century Neo-Renaissance palace, is also a famous landmark of Lausanne in the online camera. Now, this palace has several museums collections: the Art, Museum the Archeology and History Museum, the Geology Museum and the Zoological Museum. Besides, art lovers should visit the Art Gallery in the Hermitage Park with masterpieces of Degas, Sisley, Magritte and other Swiss artists.

A piece of medieval Lausanne with the bridge in the live camera, can be seen in the Ville-Marche quarter. Also, do not pass by the Place de la Palud, Place St. François and Place Riponne.

There are houses and old bridges across the Flon and Louve rivers in the old part of the city of Lausanne online.

The active holiday’s lovers in Lausanne, that you see in web camera, will not be bored. There are the opportunity to do water sports, mountaineering, cycling around the Alps and along Lake Geneva in the city.

There are many good parks in Lausanne, where the web camera is located: the Hermitage, Mon-Repos, Elysee and Olimpic.

By the way, it is in Lausanne, which street is visible in webcam, there is the Olympic Committee.

Every summer in the city with this live camera, there are many activities. For example, the Film festival, the Bach Festival, the City Festival.

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Lausanne, where the live stream comes from, has a mild continental climate. Summer is not hot, the temperature is about 22-25 degrees. Winter is not cold, temperatures below zero are rare here. There is basically from 2 to 3 degrees. Lausanne has the of Lake Geneva influence which cools the atmosphere in summer and prevents frost in winter. Weather forecast in Lausanne for 7 days is available on our website online.