Piazza del Campo

Siena , Italien

Piazza del Campo

There is the live stream to the main square of the Italian city of Siena - Piazza del Campo. As perfectly seen in our webcam, the square has a seashell shape. From the square, like rays, fork 11 main streets of Siena. In the early Middle Ages the square was a trade place, but later administrative buildings were erected here.

Paved with red cobblestone, Piazza del Campo gets many tourists from all over the world every day. Many guests just love to sit, or even lie in the center of the square.

Piazza del Campo is also known for the hosting traditional “Palio” horse race (Palio di Siena) twice a year, known since the Middle Ages. The culmination of the event is the city night procession. During the holiday, thousands of tourists come to Siena.

There are most important sights around the Piazza del Campo, perfectly demonstrated in our online camera. For example, the medieval Siena Palace Commune, Palazzo Publico with the marble chapel of the Capella di Piazza, Torre del Mangia tower, Palazzo Sansedoni, Gaia fountain.



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The medieval city of Siena, where Piazza del Campo is located with our live broadcast, is the center of Tuscany and is 70 km south of Florence.

Siena is the famous artists birthplace: Pietro Lorenzetti, Duccio, Martino di Bartolomeo, Simone Martini, Lorenzetti Ambrogio. A large number of Renaissance masterpieces are kept in the temples and palaces of Siena (Palazzo Publico, Duomo, Pinacoteca), as well as in local art museums.

Usually, excursion programs begin with Piazza del Campo, which you see in our webcam online.

In Siena there is one of the oldest universities in Europe. And the museum of Santa Maria della Scala will not leave indifferent any art admirer.

Besides the “Palio” mentioned above, in Siena, which square is in our online webcam, other interesting events also take place: cultural events, concerts, performances, sports competitions.

There are several beautiful architectural attractions: Siena Cathedral of the 12th century (Duomo di Sieni) in roman Gothic style and the Gothic Church of Santa Maria dei Servi of the 13th century (La Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi).



The climate in Siena is humid subtropical and Mediterranean. The winter is warm, mild, there is a lot of rain. There is never colder than 5 C. In the summer it is hot and stuffy. The heat arrives in April and until mid-October.
Weather forecast in Siena for 7 days is available on our website online.


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