Teatro Massimo

Palermo , Italien

Teatro Massimo

A very beautiful live webcam to the famous Teatro Massimo (Massimo Theatre), located on Verdi Square in the Italian city of Palermo. Tetaro Massimo is considered to be the largest opera house in Italy and one of the best in Europe. The unique acoustics of the theatre in our online webcam has become famous all over the world. The “Massimo” name was given to the theatre thanks to the first United Italy king Victor Emmanuel II.

Besides its theatrical advantages, the famous building in our live stream became famous for the final series of the legendary "Godfather 3" movie, filmed here.

The history tells that the construction of the Massimo Theatre (Teatro Massimo), which you see in our online webcam, began in early 1874. This was preceded by a 10-year competition for the best project of the opera house, representing a united Italy.

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The architect Giovanni Battista Filippo Basile became the winner of the competition. But the construction stopped in a few months and resumed after 8 years only. After the Filippo death, the building of the theater has been continued by his son Ernesto. Teatro Massimo was opened on May 16, 1897.

The building of the opera house is made in neoclassical style with elements of Greek temples. The main auditorium is made in the style of the late Renaissance and can invite up to 3,000 spectators, its shape resembles a horseshoe. The interior of the theatre is decorated with sculptures of great world-famous composers.

Capital restoration works were carried out in theatre in the 20th century.

At present time, Teatro Massimo actively welcomes guests, delights its fans with new interesting performances.

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The city of Palermo, where the Teatro Massimo with our web camera is located, is the port city of the Italian island of Sicily. The history of the town has a large number of nationalities ever residing here: phoenicians, greeks, romans, saracens, byzantines, normans, spaniards and other. That is why the outer appearance of Palermo has many unexpected contrasts. If you add to all of the above the southern bright temperament of the locals, it turns out the inimitable and very impressive image of a beautiful and very lively Italian city.