Ios Island

Chora , Graikija
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Ios Island

Ios Island, which you can see on live camera, is one of the most beautiful Cyclades group of islands, which is located in the Aegean Sea. The island online, is cut by small picturesque bays, with countless churches, olive groves, vineyards and fresh clear air. All this, combined with crystal clear sea, beautiful sandy beaches and developed tourist infrastructure, attracts a lot of tourists. The island in web camera, is very popular among Greeks themselves. One of the most famous facts in the history of Ios Island: here lived the great poet of antiquity, the author of the Iliad and Odyssey, the great Homer.

The Liostasi Hotel & Suites, where the online web camera is situated, is located near the beach and picturesque Chora Village on the Ios Island. Chora is the capital of Ios Island. The village in live stream, is located on a hill, directly above the picturesque Ormos harbour, which is full of fishing boats and yachts. There are streets with snow-white houses and ancient churches, among which are located the Church of St. Catherine (Agia Ekaterini). The Church of Saint John the Baptist deserves a special attention. Also, not far from it are located the ruins of a medieval fortress and on top of a hill are situated windmills.

The main attractions of the Ios Islands woth the live footage, are the ruins of an ancient aqueduct near the village of Agia Theodoti, the ruins of an ancient temple in the village of Psathi, a dilapidated Venetian fortress in the Palaiokastro area and the ruins of the tower of the Hellenistic era in the Plakoto district. It is very interesting to visit the Archeological Museum of Local History in Chora, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Kolitsani area. Other settlements of the island have their ancient artifacts – the remains of ancient temples, like in Psafi, or the Venetian fortress, as in Palaiokastro.

Ios Island you see on the web camera online, is popular among tourists due to its beautiful nature, mild climate, warm sea and vibrant nightlife. Especially it is appreciated by those who love beach recreation and water sports. There are also noisy crowded embankments, such as Mylopotas, not far from the Chora online, and more secluded, such as Agia Theodoti, Kalamas, Kolitani, Manganari, etc. It is Manganari that is considered the most popular place. For example, few sandy coves, united in five small beaches – is an ideal place for family. The coastal waters here are crystal clear and fairly small, and strong waves are a rarity. Therefore, the beach is safe for young children. You can also rent sun beds and umbrellas, and play with small children on the playground. Fans of outdoor activities can practice windsurfing. By the way, it was in Manganari that the famous picture of the famous French director Luc Besson „The Blue Abyss” was shot.

In June, the Ios Island in the web camera, celebrates the holiday „Clidonas”. It takes place on the day of the summer solstice and is a mixture of pagan rituals and Christian traditions. On the day of the feast people are performing ritual songs and dance.

Ios Island online, perhaps, is the most „party” island among the Cycladic islands. Young people from all over the world come here to dance and enjoy the vacation. On Ios Island, there are a lot of restaurants and taverns, which serve national Greek and European cuisine, and a lot of souvenir shops.


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The climate on the island in webcam, is typically Mediterranean: dry, hot summers and mild, rainy winters. July and August are the hottest months. During this period, the air temperature is about + 27 C .. + 30C, and the water temperature + 23C. But thanks to a light breeze on the island there is no exhausting heat. The tourist season, as a rule, lasts from April to October.

The weather on the Ios Island for 7 days is available on our website online.