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Neringa , Lietuva
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Neringa with the web camera — is a resort town, which is located on the Lithuanian part of the famous Curonian Spit. All together there are four beach areas, one of which is on our webcam online, under that name, which are located along the spit: Nida (administrative center), Juodkrante, Preila and Pervalka. Neringa in the live camera, is famous for its unusual nature, the highest dunes in Europe and qualitative medical facilities. It is a narrow peninsula with a total length of 97 km, dividing the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea. The local climate is very salutary for the health.

The most prestigious parts of Neringa in the live broadcast, are Nida and Juodkrante. Nida is famous for neat colorful houses with thatched roofs, perfectly flat roads and flower beds situated everywhere. Almost every house is used as cafe, pub or a hotel. Nida is considered to be more prestigious resort than Juodkrante and that is why it is much more expensive. Instead of our usual hotel complexes in Neringa online, tourists are offered to stay in small private hotels, decorated in national style, mostly three-star rated. You will not only be ensured with a pleasant stay, but will be gladly told about the peculiarities of local rest and will be given an advice which places to visit in the first place. The peak of the tourist season falls at the end of July and mid-August.

Tourists come to Neringa in the online footage, first of all, to relax, Walks in the National Park and rest on the coast can be diversified only by visiting museums and festivals of classical music. Summer evenings are perfect to spend time on cozy verandas of numerous cafes and restaurants, where they serve dishes of national cuisine and fish, cooked in all possible ways.

The Curonian Spit in the web camera, is a land of fishermen, dunes and unique virgin nature, that demonstrates our live stream camera, the best place for seclusion and relax. This place is very popular among elderly people and families with children. There is a lot to see in Neringa – this locality is rich with natural landscapes, cultural and historical heritage. Here you will see how the untouched centuries-old pine forests adjoin to the huge coastal dunes, overgrown with grasses and shrubs.

The most famous dune in Neringa with the live cam – is the Parnidis Dune, which rises at 52 meters above sea level. At the top of the dune are situated observation platforms, from which is opening a wide panorama of Nida surroundings. If weather is fine, you can see online the Vente peninsula on the opposite side of the Curonian Spit. For tourists there are equipped special paths. The main attraction of the dune is the granite Sundial, which shows the exact time. This stone pillar is 13.8 m tall and weighs 36 tons. Small stairs, which are covered with granite plates, are indicating the hours, another part shows each month and there is a division for the solstices and equinoxes. The form of clock is made by the nature itself. There is no creative inventions, with the careful glance, it is noticeable that the geometry of steps reminds layers caused by windblown sand. From an astronomical point of view, the dune is the ideal and the only place in Lithuania for the sundial.

The best way to learn about features of unique Curonian Spit nature is to visit the Museum of Nature. You will see the history of the development of region landscapes, as well as unusual plants and animals that inhabit it. Near the museum is located the dolphinarium.

The Amber Museum and ethnographic cemetery is a popular tourist destination too. In Juodkrante you will also find the „Witch Mountain”. It is a park of wooden sculptures – witches, devils and other representatives of dark forces, skillfully carved out of wood by craftsmen.


The beaches of Curonian Spit in the web camera, are one of the best in the Baltic Sea region. Just look at our live webcam! A lane of clean sand 25-70 m wide, stretches along the entire Neringa shore. In 2001 beaches of Nida online, were awarded with the Blue Flag for ecological cleanness, which is corresponding to the world standards and in 2004 also were awarded the beaches of Juodkrante. The uniqueness of Neringa is that the beaches are located from the sea side, and the villages – from the side of the bay. Therefore, the coastal zone is not built up. You will find only one hotel in 50 kilometers of coastline.


Baltic Live Cam shows several cam online scenes across Lithuania. The Vilnius Cathedral Square is equally as beautiful as the Kaunas Town Hall Square that is shown from the camera online above.  An impressive view of the Neman River.


There is a temperate marine climate in Neringa in the webcam, and the weather is significantly influenced by the Baltic Sea. As a rule, there are less precipitation in Neringa than in other Lithuanian cities. Summer months are rich with warm sunny days and winters are mild. The coldest period is in January and February, when the temperature is about +2 ° C, but in July and August – temperature is around +24 ° C.

Weather in Neringa for 7 days is available on our site online.