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Vasilyevsky Island

The most popular and famous island of St. Petersburg – Vasilyevsky Island is perfectly visible on live stream web camera online. There is an interesting legend about the origin of the name Vasilyevsky Island online. It is said that the island received this name thanks to the captain-artilleryman Vasily Kormchin, detachment’s commander the on this island. Tsar Peter I, sending his decrees to Vasily, signed the messages – „To Vasily on the island.” This beautiful version is really a legend, because the island with the name Vasilyevsky is seen in the 1500 census book.

When Vasilyevsky Island, which is shown on live webcam, was creating, it was conceived that it would become the center of the city of Petersburg with all the important objects of the state.

Attempts to create a center here led to the erection of the construction of the Twelve Colleges, where in the 18th century the Senate and the colleges themselves were located.

Later it turned out that this idea was not good and the idea was refused. Despite this, many artists have transformed the island in web camera, which became the most attractive place of the city.

There is a popular museum – Kunstkamera on the island in live web cam. There is a very interesting history of its construction. Peter I wanted to build a „museum of wonders.”  One day, strolling along the island, he came across a pine of a very unusual shape. This pine got a monster-tree nickname. Peter I came to the conclusion: Vasilyevsky Island is the ideal place for the Kunstkamera.

A large avenue, running on the Vasilyevsky Island in the online camera, was conceived as a cross-highway for ships from Strelka to the Gulf of Finland, but as a result, the prospect fell to the fate of the usual wide street of the city – 85 meters. In fact, the narrowest street of St. Petersburg – Repina is also here – 6 meters

St. Petersburg, where live stream camera is located, has the status of „city of bridges”. Also there are 68 rivers, canals and channels, forming 42 islands! There are 580 bridges in St. Petersburg and its outskirts at the present time.

In St. Petersburg, there are three historically key districts – historical center, Petrograd side and Vasilyevsky Island, the picturesque panorama of which is clearly visible on live webcam.

The city in the live broadcast, is famous because of huge number of outstanding world-famous works of art of different styles and directions. Significant palaces – Hermitage, Winter, Marble, Stroganov, Menshikov, Anichkov, Sheremetyevsky, Mikhailovsky Castle (St. Michael’s Castle). Important historical sites – Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralty, „New Holland”.

Cathedrals and churches of the city are real works of art: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral and the magnificent church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ). Besides them there are: Smolny, Trinity Cathedral, Vladimirsky Cathedral, Transfiguration Monastery. Very unusual complex of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the Assumption Church, the Ioannovsky Convent (Convent of St. John of Rila).

St. Petersburg in the online footage, is rich with monuments. The main of them is the Bronze Horseman, dedicated to Peter I.

Popular lions and sphinxes have different locations. The most curious Egyptian sphinxes of granite on the embankment near the building of the Academy of Fine Arts. They are 3000 years older than St. Petersburg online.

And what a magnificent Rostral columns on Vasilyevsky Island in the web camera! In the past they performed the function of lighthouses. An important tourist attraction is also the Alexander Column with the figure of an angel, located on the Palace Square.

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The climate in St. Petersburg, where the live stream comes from, is moderate. Few sunny days during all the year. Summer in St. Petersburg is not very hot due to the sea climate and the Baltic winds. Winter in St. Petersburg is rather dank with a gusty wet wind. The Weather is very changeable here – in the summer a cold wind can appear suddenly, and in winter it can quickly be filled with snow or vice versa – it can be sharply warmed.

Weather forecast for St. Petersburg for 7 days is available on our website online.