Polar bears in Wapusk National Park

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Polar bears in Wapusk National Park

Enjoy this live webcam feed of amazing polar bears in the wild in Wapusk National Park at Cape Churchill in northern Manitoba, Canada.

The best time to watch polar bears in an online camera is from October to November.

Wapusk National Park

Canada’s Wapusk National Park that you see in this webcam, protects the polar bear population from 1996. It is located on the shores of Hudson Bay at Cape Churchill, Manitoba.

Wapusk in the live broadcast, is located on an area of ​​11,475 km2, where10,000 belong to the Hudson Lowlands and the subarctic shores of Hudson Bay.

The climatic conditions of this unique natural park are influenced by the Arctic Ocean. The winter is long and harsh and summer is short and cool.

Tourists usually do not get to Wapusk Park in the live camera: it is a rather dangerous event to meet a polar bear. There are about 50 people a year – real tourists. Other persons are park employees, scientists and students.

Only one tour per year is permitted to enter the polar bear park in this web cam: the 12-day Frontiers North Adventures Cape Churchill Tour.

Almost the entire tour of the park takes place in safe tundra wheelchairs that easily walk on ice and snow.

There is the option of taking a sightseeing tour during the summer season: this is the only real way to get to know the amazing wild park.

The main attraction of the Wapusk National Park are polar bears, which can be caught in the lens of this webcam.

Besides these beautiful predators in the online camera, you can see caribou deer, water birds, snowy owls and Arctic foxes.

Visiting the park as part of a Cape Churchill tour, be prepared for extreme cold weather. Temperatures in Wapusk National Park can quickly drop to -40C.

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