Absaroka Range

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Absaroka Ridge

In the webcam in the background you can see the famous Absaroka Mountain Range in the Rocky Mountains. A mountain range stretched online from southern Montana through Yellowstone National Park to northwest Wyoming, crossing Gallatin, Shoshone and Custer. The length of the ridge in the live camera is 312 km, the highest point is Francs Peak.

Part of the Absaroka Ridge, shown in a webcam, is located in the US city of Livingston on the banks of the Yellowstone River, in Montana.

In addition to Absaroka in a live broadcast, there are other interesting sights in Livingston: Livingston Depot in 1902, the Museum of Yellowstone Gate, and Museum of International Fly Fishing Federation.

In the city, the panorama of which is shown online, the key episodes of the films “Rancho Deluxe”, “Where the River Flows North”, “The Horse Whisperer” were filmed.


The American state of Montana, one of the most important natural attractions of which – Absaroka Ridge you see in the live webcam, is a real paradise for ecotourism fans. There are popular activities: rafting, hiking, fishing, horse riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, national forests wildlife exploring. Well-known tourist routes in Montana: State Museum, Rocky Museum, Art Gallery, Montana Capitol and others.

The capital of Montana is the city of Helena.

Large cities: Billings, Great Falls, Laurel, Anaconda.

When traveling around Montana with the online live feed of the Baltic Live Cam website, visit the Gothic Church in the capital, the city of Helena. Three religions peacefully coexist in this temple – Calvinism, Catholicism, Judaism. Another city attraction is the Montana Capitol.

Montana Glacier National Park

There is a unique natural attraction in Montana, where the live broadcast comes from, with a large number of glaciers – Glacier National Park. On its territory there are two mountain ranges and more than 130 lakes.

For an eco-vacations in Montana with this webcam, you should go to the city of Billings. Here are excellent conditions for fishing on the rivers Boulder, Clearwater and Yellowstone, and for moose hunting. You can also enjoy water skiing and canoeing.

A trip to the Indians reservation of Flathead Valley will be interesting. Three Native American folks live here: Ktunaxa, Salish and Pandorey. There are seven Indian reservations in Montana, where the live stream is conducted from. In the city of Browning there is the Rocky Mountain Museum.

The Hobbit House in Montana

The most fabulous place in the state, the mountain range of which is visible in the online camera, is the Hobbit House, located in the city of Trout Creek. Here is a guesthouse named “The Hobbit House.” The whole territory belonging to the house is stylized with the elements of the hobbits stories world.

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