Babadağ Mountain

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Babadağ Mountain

The picturesque Mount Babadag, which you see in the webcam, is located in the southwest of Turkey, in the historical city of Lycia. Near the hill in live camera, the Lycian Way hiking trail runs.

The Babadağ massif itself, shown in the online camera, begins on the Fethi plain and extends 60 km to the south, ending in the west of Patara beach. The mountain range has two peaks: the northern one – Babadağ, which is shown online, rises 1967 meters above sea level. The southern peak, 1478 meters high, is called Karadağ (or Karatepe). The mountain range is divided by the Bogaziçi pass, behind which is one of the spurs of Babadağ, where in the past was the ancient city of Sidima (Dodurga).

Since the Red Book and rare plant species grow on the slopes and at the base of the mountain in the online camera, Babadağ is included in the UNESCO heritage list.

At the foot of the peak in this online broadcast, there is the Kidrak Natural Park with one of the most beautiful beaches in Oludeniz, which is also viewed in the webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website.

The southern slope of Mount Babadağ, where the live broadcast is coming from, is steep, precipitous and rocky, and the northern slope is rather gentle with vegetation. The western part of the mountain in this webcam faces the sea, forming beaches and bays.

The rocky peaks of Babadağ, shown online, are visible from anywhere in Belceğiz Bay. The cliffs of the mountain surround the famous Valley of the Butterflies.

Babadağ is loved by paragliders who strive down to the coast from two sites of the mountain – the upper and lower. There is also the main, neatly paved start, located at an altitude of 1642 meters. From here you can not only fly, but also admire the amazing views of the coast.

Flying along the Babadağ ridge in this online camera, paragliders land in Oludeniz and go to the beach. Many swim into the sea.

On the east side of Babadağ, there is a road and many hiking trails. To climb the mountain, there are special tours within the framework of the “Unknown World” program in a hike in Turkey. Walking along the rocky mountain trails, tourists enjoy the surrounding nature and atmosphere, taking great memories of Turkey’s striking landmark – Babadağ Mountain, shown in live camera.

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