Hekla volcano

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The volcano Hekla

In live stream camera there is the most active volcano in IcelandHekla. It is located in the south of Iceland at a distance of 110 km from the capital, the city of Reykjavik.

There are approximately 140 volcanoes in Iceland, where the live stream comes from. 35 of them are considered active. For example, Hekla, which you see in the online camera.

According to the fixed data, Hekla’s first eruption was in the beginning of the 12th century. For many centuries, up to our days, this active volcano erupted more than 20 times. The strongest activity of Hekla in online live camera is fixed in the last 6,600 years.

According to scientists, despite the fact the first official eruption was noted at the beginning of the 12th century, Hekla in web camera, erupted before: in 950 BC. It was one of the most powerful eruptions of the volcano that you see online.

The second strongest eruption of Hekla, that you see in live cam, in the early 12th century decreased the temperature throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Echoes of this natural cataclysm also affected Scotland and Ireland.

The most devastating eruption of the Hekla volcano, perfectly demonstrated in online webcam, happened in 1766. A large number of people died. The huge amount of hot lava surpassed all previous eruptions.

Hekla, shown online, is dangerous because of its unpredictability. None of the scientists, watching the volcano, can predict when the next Hekla eruption will occur and how it will be: long, lasting for months or even years, or short – just a few days.

The volcano that you see in the live webcam has a regularity: the longer he sleeps, the stronger the power of his release. For example, in the 20th century, the largest eruption of Hekla, displayed in web camera, occurred after the period of his 100-year-old sleep. The eruption began on March 29, 1947, and ended only in April 1948.

The name of the volcano – “Hekla” got because of its resemblance to a short cloak with a hood. The top of the volcano in online stream is constantly covered with clouds that resemble the ancient Icelanders cloak.

At the time of the Middle Ages, local residents called Hekla “a gateway to hell.” It was believed that Judas was imprisoned in its depths.

Until now, the Hekla volcano in our online webcam is shrouded in mystery and superstition. Many people of Iceland believe that witches’ sabbath is arranged on its top and they perform black rituals there.

But there are those who do not believe in gloomy superstitions and tend to climb to the top of Hekla, demonstrated in live stream, or even try to descend to the crater’s mouth of a terrible volcano.

The slopes of Hekla, well visible in the online live camera, has a lava field.In winter, tourists get to the volcano on a snowmobile.

In ancient times, the slopes of the Hekla volcano, which you see in the background of webcam, covered the trees. But the activity of the volcano ruined all green spaces. Despite it, moss, lichen, grass and shrubs still grow on Hekla slopes.

You can also see the nests of some birds, such as the white partridge. There are sheeps and horses graze at the foot of the mountain.

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