Audēju Street

Riga , Latvia

Originally named Bebru Street, later renamed as Vēveru Street, the well known Audēju Street in old town of Riga, has been first mentioned in year 1932. The original name of this street, that nowadays almost no-one knows about, comes from the saying “the street on this side of Bebru gate”.

This famous street carries its name Audēju Street for almost a 100 years now. It was obtained in the early twenties of the 20th century. After the last chance of the streets name, it still carries it successfully and by the name Audēju Street, it has become very popular among local people as well as city guests. Some would say, that it is the main street of the old town of Riga.

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It runs through the old town of Riga by starting its way by the Akmens Bridge all the way to the small square by the Latvian National Opera. There is a good reason to say that it is one of the main artery of life of the old town of Riga. Throughout the year this small street is full with local people as well as tourists from all around the world.

Just by the end of Audēju Street, not too far away from Latvian National Opera, one of oldest supermarkets in Riga was found its place. And after the reopening it became one of the most popular places to visit on Audēju Street. And that is just one of the many places to visit and things to see on this famous street.

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