Riga Central Market

Riga , Latvia
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At the time of opening in autumn of year 1930, the Riga Central Market you see online, was the biggest and most modern, this type of market in the world. Today it holds the status of the biggest market pavilion complex in Europe that you observe in webcam. Because of its size, architecture and importance to local people it has become a famous tourist attraction point, that plays an important part of the everyday life of local people.

Each day, the Central Market in the live camera, is visited by 50 to 70 thousand people. In weekends the number daily of visitors reaches up to impressive 100 thousand. It shows just how important object of the city is the Riga Central Market online. It is also on of the places that provides tourists and visitors of the city with a new perspective on the local society and culture.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting places to see in Riga, which also provides a practical reason for a visit.

Because of the specific, technical complex architecture and history that surrounds it, the Riga Central Market in the live broadcast, was added to the UNESCO “World Heritage” list in year 1998, together with the Old Town of Riga.

Baltic Live Cam does not only show live and time-lapse footage of Cathedral Square in Riga online, but it also shows other beautiful and historical sites in Riga, such as Līvu Square and Unity Square as well as the ancient St Johns Church, via cameras online.

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