Riga Central Market

Riga , Latvia
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Riga Central Market

At the time of opening in autumn of year 1930, the Riga Central Market you see online, was the biggest and most modern, this type of market in the world. Today it holds the status of the biggest market pavilion complex in Europe that you observe in webcam. Because of its size, architecture and importance to local people it has become a famous tourist attraction point, that plays an important part of the everyday life of local people.

Each day, the Central Market in the live camera, is visited by 50 to 70 thousand people. In weekends the number daily of visitors reaches up to impressive 100 thousand. It shows just how important object of the city is the Riga Central Market online. It is also on of the places that provides tourists and visitors of the city with a new perspective on the local society and culture.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting places to see in Riga, which also provides a practical reason for a visit.

Because of the specific, technical complex architecture and history that surrounds it, the Riga Central Market in the live broadcast, was added to the UNESCO “World Heritage” list together with the Old Town of Riga. Also his visit is included in all excursions in Riga as an important attraction.

When it opened in autumn 1930, the Riga Central Market in this webcam was the largest and most modern market of its kind in the world. To this day, the Riga Central Market, shown online, has retained the title of the largest shopping pavilion complex in Europe.

Due to its size, architecture, and practical application, it has become a famous tourist attraction, which also occupies an important place in the daily life of the townspeople.

Every day the market demonstrated in online camera is visited by 50 to 70 thousand people. On weekends, this number exceeds 100 thousand. Therefore, it is not surprising how important the Central Market is for Riga.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting places in Riga, which also has significant practical value.

Riga Central Market or Centraltirgus in an online camera is the largest and most famous market in the Latvian capital. It won popularity not only with an assortment of the freshest farm products in the city, but also with its unusual architecture. The market broadcasted live has large semicircular pavilions where airships were stored in the past. Initially, these buildings were located outside the city and after the war remained empty for a long time. The authorities of the capital decided to adapt them for the trading platform that the city needed and in 1930 the market in the webcam opened its doors.

The Riga Central Market, shown online, once served as a military facility: the hangars’ design clearly shows the pompous manor house style architectural style with Art Deco elements, which was fashionable in Latvia at the time.

The area of ​​Centraltirgus in the webcam is almost 6 hectares, of which about 1.5 hectares is under the roof.

The central market in Riga, where the live stream is conducted from, is visited not only by visitors, but also by locals: there are always fresh and high-quality products, farmers from nearby farms deliver goods here. There are five pavilions on the market, each of which has its own hangar.

In the vegetable shop you will find fresh vegetables and fruits from Latvian farmers; meat will delight you with homemade meat and poultry; in the fish market you can buy everything that the Baltic Sea and fresh water bodies are rich in: bream, mackerel, eel, sea bass, sea flounder, salmon, tench, cod and others. There is a choice: fresh and frozen; the dairy department offers fresh milk, butter and more than 400 varieties of local cheese, including homemade; the gastronomic boasts Latvian delicacies such as chicken, pork and chicken sausages, liver pate with or without cheese, bacon and other products. In addition, the gastronomic pavilion has local rye bread, the famous Riga balsam, chocolate and glazed curds.

In addition to covered pavilions, hangars, there is also an open area in the web camera in the central market. She surrounds the hangars. They sell everything: vegetables, flowers, household goods, clothes and souvenirs.

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