Alba Iulia city center

Alba Iulia , Romania
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Alba Iulia

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Alba Iulia

There is a beautiful live broadcast on the one of the most ancient Romanian cities Alba Iulia. The city is located in Transylvania, near the Mureș River, at a distance of 270 km from the capital of the state, the city of Bucharest. Alba Iulia, which is perfectly visible in webcam, means is English “White July”.

The oldest city online, is rich in attractions: the glacial cave in Scarisoara, the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress and city fortifications in Aiud.

The key attraction of the city of Alba Iulia in the live camera, is the Alba Iulia fortress which you perfectly can see online in webcam.  Also interesting are the St. Michael Catholic Cathedral and the Coronation Cathedral.

Near the Alba Iulia fortress there is an association museum and the Romanian military ministry. Nearby there is Michael the Brave (Mihai Bravu) monument, the first unifier of Romania.

In the very center of the city of Alba Iulia, which view you can see in live webcam, there is the Alba Carolina fortress, built between 1715 and 1738. Nearby there are the Cathedral of St. Michael, the Orthodox Coronation Cathedral or the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and the unification museum. There is a medieval hotel here. At the entrance to the fortress stands a 20-meter stele, erected in honor of the leaders of a major peasant uprising in Transylvania.

In Alba Iulia, where the webcam is located, is the oldest library in Romania – the Bathianeum Library.

In the city fortress there is the National Museum with exhibits about the history of Romania from ancient times to the mid-20th century.

On the central square of the city of Alba Iulia online, there are several sculptures representing citizens from past times.

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The climate in Alba Iulia with the live stream, is humid continental. January is the coldest month with a daytime temperature of -0.9 ° C. August is the warmest month when the temperature warms up on average to 28 ° C. Autumn is warm, in October it is about 19 ° C. In winter, the most precipitation falls in February. This month also is the most overcast and not sunny in the year. In summer, the most precipitation falls in June. The sunniest month is July. Weather forecast in Alba Iulia for 7 days is available on our website online.