Unirii Square

Bucharest , Romania
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Unirii Square

There is a live broadcast to the very center of the city of Bucharest – Unirii Square. Nearby there are Old Town, University Square and the Palace of Parliament. On Unirii Square, which is perfectly visible in web camera, there are more than 20 fountains. The Central one is called the Bucur’s Fountain in honor of the shepherd, according to legend, founder of Bucharest.


The capital of Romania, the city of Bucharest online, is the key city and cultural center of the state. It is curious, Bucharest, which center is perfectly visible in webcam online, has its own Arch of Triumph. Here is the largest Parliament building in the world, which you can also see in the live broadcast.

Curiously, the name Bucharest from the Romanian language translates as “City of Joy” and this is true! The beautiful Romanian capital has a rich history and culture, many architectural monuments, museums (the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is especially interesting), beautiful nature.

The most interesting and attractive for tourists’ part of Bucharest is its Old Town, where the giant Palace of Parliament, the Triumphal Arch and Revolution Square are located. By the way, Old Bucharest is not far from live broadcast.

In the Old City there is the Royal Palace – the residence of the Romanian monarchs. Currently, the building belongs to the The National Museum of Art of Romania. Nearby, there is the Orthodox Church Crețulescu.

The real treasure of Bucharest in the web camera, is its gardens and parks. For example, Park “Herăstrău”, located at the lake of the same name, Cișmigiu Gardens, Carol Park, Bucharest Botanical Garden.

Besides the above-mentioned National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, it is worth visiting the Art museum with the almost unknown creations of El Greco, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Cezanne and Rubens.

There are some other museums in Bucharest in the live camera are: the National Historical Museum, the Village Museum on the Herăstrău Lake, the Geological Museum, the Technological Museum, Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History.

The Bucharest suburbs are also very interesting. There are many monasteries and palaces. For example, there is the Snagov Monastery – Count Dracula burial place. And not far from the capital where live stream is, there are Biserica Domnească (“The Lord’s Church”) and the Curtea de Argeș monastery.

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The climate of the city of Bucharest online, is temperate continental. Summer is hot and sultry, winter is mild. The average annual temperature is +10.8 C. July and August are the warmest season, and December and January are the coldest months. Autumn is long. It is better to come to the capital from May to June, and from September to November.

The weather forecast in Bucharest for 7 days is available on our website online.