Constanța beach

Constanța , Romania
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Constanța Beach

In the webcam there is the beach of the resort town and the largest seaport in Romania – Constanța.

Tourists arriving in the country to relax on the Black Sea coast often linger on the beach of Constanța in the online camera. Then, they often follow to Mamaia or Mangalia.

The largest beach in the city, where the live broadcast comes from, is Modern and it is located right in the center of the resort. But tourists still prefer the coast of the northern suburbs of Constanța, Mamaia and the beaches of Eforie.

In the vicinity of the city, where the webcam is located, there are many mineral springs. Therefore, people come here not only for the sake of a beach holiday, but also for the sake of recovery.

The city of Constanța in the online camera is very green: there are many spacious boulevards with fountains and places to relax. There is a freshwater lake with underground springs – Tabacaria.

The oldest city in Romania, where the online broadcast comes from, is replete with attractions. The most famous of them

Statue of Ovid, built in 1887; The old casino of Constanța is a symbol of the city and the entire coast of Romania; Roman mosaics – the remains of the forum of the ancient Tomis IV in; Grand Mosque of Geamia Mahmudia (Marea Moschee дин Constanţa); National Museum of History and Archeology of Constanța; Port of Constanța with ancient ships lying here forever; Maritime Museum of Constanța, Genoese lighthouse of the 19th century, 16 meters high; Dolphinarium, Planetarium and Aquarium of Constanța – branches of the Museum Complex of Natural Sciences; Constanța parks – Tabaсari and Archaeological.

In Romania, where the web camera is located, there are many beautiful beaches, the most popular of which are Constanța in the webcam, Mamaia, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Neptune Olympus, Costinesti, Cap Aurora, Jupiter, Mangalia, Saturn and Venus.

In addition, for lovers of recreation on lakes, the country offers several excellent reservoirs located near the Black Sea: Costinesti, Nuntash and Ajigiol, which allows you to combine a beach holiday with recovery.


The climate in Constanța, whose beach you see online, is very similar to the climate of the steppe part of the Crimean peninsula, but there is no intense heat here. The beach season falls on the period from the end of May to the first half of September. The hottest month is July, but the air temperature rarely exceeds +25 C. Such weather, combined with very healthy ionized air, makes the rest pleasant and comfortable. In the spring and autumn seasons, it is cool in Constanța – on average, about + 10-12 C during the day. In winter, the weather is mild, there are no frosts. Very rarely, the air temperature can drop to -3 C.

Weather forecast in Constanța for 7 days is available on our website online.

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