Volgogradsky prospekt

Maskva , Rusija
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Volgogradsky Prospekt

In this live broadcast, you see Volgogradsky Prospekt online, located in the Central and South-Eastern Administrative Districts of Moscow. It runs from Krestyanskaya Zastava Square to the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD).

In the interval from Talalikhin Street to the Moscow Ring Road, Volgogradsky Prospekt in the webcam is a city highway, where it is allowed to drive a car with a speed not exceeding 80 km / h. House numbers start from the Krestyanskaya Zastava square.

Until the 1920s, parts of the avenue were called Dubrovsky Highway (from Spasskaya Zastava to Boynya station) and Perervinsky Highway (from Boynya to Chesmenka; now – Ostapovsky Proezd and Shosseinaya Street). Later they received a common name – Ostapovskoe highway. In 1964, the highway in the online camera was expanded and renamed in honor of the city of Volgograd. The avenue continued along the former Sukin boloto to the Novoryazanskoye highway.

Although the avenue is Volgogradsky, in fact, another road leads to Volgograd – M6 (R-22) „Caspian”. Also, Volgogradsky Prospekt in the online broadcast continues the M5 Ural road, which goes in the direction of Ryazan, from where you can drive to Volgograd through Ryazhsk or Pronsk.

Moscow, where the live stream is coming from, is the capital of Russia, a city of federal significance, the administrative center of the federal district and the center of the Moscow region, which is not part of.

Moscow with the live camera, is the most populous of the cities completely located in Europe, and is one of the ten cities in the world in terms of population.

The city of Moscow, shown in the webcam, is the historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Russian kingdom, the Russian Empire (in 1728-1730), Soviet Russia and the USSR. Moscow is a Hero City.

In the capital of Russia in the web camera, there are the federal bodies of state power of the Russian Federation (except for the Constitutional Court), embassies of foreign states, headquarters of the largest Russian commercial organizations and public associations.

Moscow, where the live broadcast comes from, is located in the western part of Russia, on the Moscow River in the center of the East European Plain, in the interfluve of the Oka and Volga rivers.

Moscow in live camera is a well-known center of tourism in the Russian Federation. Here are located such important sights as the Kremlin and Red Square. The Novodevichy Convent and the Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Moscow online, is the most important transport hub. The capital is served by 6 airports, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports (there is a river connection with the seas of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans).

In 1935, a subway appeared in Moscow.

Moscow with the live footage, is the sports center of the state. In 1980, the capital of Russia hosted the XXII Summer Olympic Games, and in 2018 the city hosted the FIFA World Cup.

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