Sunny Isles Beach

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Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach on our webcam online is situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, to the north from Bal-Harbor. This island you see online, of luxury on both sides is surrounded by water – the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the waterway. The beginning of construction on the Sunny Isles demonstrated in live camera, began in the early 21st century very active. Luxury houses of wealthy people began to appear here with the geometric progression. Skyscrapers with a stunningly beautiful view of the ocean, private beaches, personal yachts, personal trainers … Sunny Isles Beach, that shown in web camera, is a place from which you do not want to go anywhere even if it is necessary. Quite close to our webcast is a chic skyscraper – the Trump International Beach resort, owned by Donald Trump.

Sunny Isles Beach, where the live stream comes from, is called of the Riviera of Florida. White sandy beaches along for a miles and the unprecedented luxury of a houses and a villas are confirming this status. „Sunny Isles Beach” is the best beach of Sunny Isles in the online cam. A lot of Top-class hotels and apartment houses, expensive restaurants, cafes and bars here. One of the biggest shopping centers of Sunny Isles Beach – RK town center – is perfectly visible on our webcam. This is a shopping mall with numerous shops, pharmacies, barber’s etc.

The most popular place for cycling, hiking, camping or just walking trails is Oleta River State Park with a well-developed infrastructure. In addition to walking it is interesting to observe the wild inhabitants of the park, who are not afraid of people at all: they fly and walk around.

In the Blue Moon Outdoor Center, you can safely rent a canoe – the calm waters of the river offer perfect swimming also on kayaks and puddle boards.


The sunny city of Miami you see in web camera, is the largest metropolis in the southeast of the United States, in the vicinity of which is the Sunny Isles Beach with our camera online broadcast. It is located on the Atlantic coast in the most densely populated district of Florida, Miami-Dade.

The city is full of headquarters of multinational companies, television studios, international banks. Miami is the center of the cruise industry. The city port accepts a huge number of cruise ships from around the world

Miami, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is one of the three most beautiful cities in the United States of America. There are 112 buildings with a height of more than 90 meters. The highest of them is the tower of the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower is 240 meters.

Aside from the Miami Beach, the town is famous for its’ Art Deco Historic District, which was listed on the National Register of historic Places in 1979. The district holds the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world and comprises countless structures erected from 1923 to 1943

Miami with this online web cam, is completely different from other US cities in that there is a large number of ethnic groups and cultures. Mostly, people from the countries of Latin America are coming to the city, that’s why the city is often called like „Gate of Latin America”.

Miami, where the live feed comes from, is associated with tourism, relaxation and entertainment, here are the most beautiful beaches, the largest of which is all known Miami Beach. In Miami you see online, is a perfect place for shopping. There are a lot of famous brands boutiques and long shopping streets with lots of different shops. A lot of  famous outlet shopping centers in Miami and around it.

Baltic Live Cam also shows interesting places all over the world. From Tel-Aviv in Israel, you can see live web camera footage of the famous Israeli beach town. Cameras online show scenery from all over the Baltic nations from beach fronts to Old Towns.



Miami with this webcam, is a tropical city of eternal summer. The Gulf Stream flows only 24 km far away from the coast and makes it’s climate warm and mild. Summers are hot with a very high humidity. Frequent is raining from May to October, from July to August the hurricanes and storms are possible and typical for Miami in the live cam. The winter season in Miami is warm and dry. The lowest temperature ever registered in Miami was -1C. And there is never snow in Miami.

Weather forecast in Miami  is available on our website online.