Grand Cayman reef

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Grand Cayman Reef

There is a curious underwater webcam showing an unusual “Montastrea annularis” coral colony known as the “cleaning station”. This coral that you see in live camera, is commonly known as the boulder star coral, is a species of coral that lives in the western Atlantic Ocean and is the most thoroughly studied and most abundant species of reef-building coral in the Caribbean to date.

When marine life representatives approach the cleaning station you see online, they open their mouth or cuddle to the coral, cleaning from parasites. Besides the healing corals, you can see also various beautiful fish periodically appearing in online camera.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Island, which sea kingdom you see in the live stream camera, is the part of UK, and the largest of the three Cayman Islands. It is occupies 76% land territory.

This island has 5 of 6 Cayman Islands: Bodden Town, East End, Georgetown, North Side and West Bay. The capital of Cayman Islands, where the live stream is conducted from, located on the Grand Cayman is the city Georgetown. Despite its status, Georgetown is quite small. Here you will find small, narrow streets turning into winding crossroads (Myles Road and Myles-Crescent streets).

On Grand Cayman with the web cam, tourists are attracted by the cozy relaxing atmosphere, excellent cuisine and interesting sights. Especially attractive is one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches – Seven Mile Beach, which also has webcam.

Grand Cayman, whose coral reefs are visible online, is a popular venue for various festivals, including the popular Pirates Week and the colorful and exciting Batabano Carnival.

For active recreation fans on the island there is the Mastic Trail, as well as excellent conditions for scuba diving and diving among the coral reefs, which are visible in the live camera online. The island of Grand Cayman, which underwater world you can see well in the web camera is very green, with lots of excellent beaches, lagoons and jungles.

On the North-west part of Grand Cayman with this online footage, there is the main natural attractions – Hell rocky massif. Nearby, there is the unique turtle farm on our planet.

The Grand Cayman, which sea depths with corals can be watched online, is an excellent place for the beach relax. The best beach is Seven Mile Beach, mentioned above, where online stream is also conducted.

If you are a fan of diving, then you should go to West Bay Cemetery with a beautiful Victoria House reef. And the underwater caves and canyons will be opened in Trinity Caves.

The miniature Smith Cove beach is perfect for families with small children.

Nice to make a trip to the south from this beach and reach the Sand Cay Reef – a popular divers spot. From Rum Point it’s good idea to take an excursion to the North Wall reefs and to Stingray Sandbar.

A bit southern, there are winding bays of Little Sound and Head Sound are located. Here you can swim with a mask. Also, there is another bay nearby – Water Reef, the best place to watch starfish.


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