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Cascavel , Brazil
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Cascavel Center

The Cascavel city, which center is clearly visible on online webcam, located in the western region of Paraná in Brazil and the one of the most populous city in the region. Cascavel in webcam is located more or less 140 km far from Foz do Iguaçu city, famous with its Iguaçu Falls. If you are on the way to waterfalls, to Argentina or Paraguay, Cascavel is a comfortable town to have a rest in.

There is an excellent infrastructure on Brazilian standards in Cascavel with live stream camera, is a excellent city to live in. The medical services are very well developed here. Despite that Cascavel yu see in live footage is not a tourist place at all, there are a lot of comfortable hotels, restaurants, shops here. As also a night life.

The most significant sight of the town in live stream is Lake Cascavel (Lago Municipal de Cascavel), occupying about 5 km around the perimeter. People like to come here for a healthy lifestyle. Often you can meet a lot of wild animals here, such as monkeys and birds. Throughout the all day a high probability to encounter a very popular inhabitants of that place – capybara. Near the lake there is is the 1st and the oldest church in Cascavel, closed to visitors.

Huge Catholic church – Cassavel’s Catedral, Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Our Lady of Aparecida) built in a modern architectural style with a very big sculpture of the cross and a monument of Our Lady of Aparecida. The altar in the church is forged in gold.

Calçadão de Cascavel is the center of the city in live broadcast. There are famous and wonderful shops here. Avenida Brazil Avenue has the popular sights – the Cathedral of Nossa Senora Aparecida, mentioned above and the Towers of the Central Park. There are several great art monuments made by Dirceu Rosa, the most popular artist of Cascavel also here.

For cultural recreation in the place, there is a Municipal Cascavel Theatre (Teatro Municipal de Cascavel) working from 2015. The theater is the biggest in all state, also has a picture gallery on the last floor.

Zoo Zoologico Municpal de Cascavel has many interesting animals.

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The climate of Cascavel in the webcam is subtropical. Average annual temperature is about 19 C. The average max in January is +28.6 C. The average minimum in July is 11.2 C, sometimes frost is also possible.

Weather forecast in Cascavel  for 7 days is available on our web site online.