Ourinhos , Brazil
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Ourinhos in the online camera is a municipality in Brazil, part of the state of São Paulo of the Assis mesoregion. The city in the webcam was founded on December 13, 1918. In the live broadcast, you see one of the streets of Ourinhos with shops. Palm trees are planted along the square in the online camera.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a city and a state of Brazil of the same name, where there is a live broadcast from, with magnificent beach resorts known throughout the world. Tourists come here for multi-meter coastal waves of the ocean and islands with untouched tropical forests.

The coast of the state in the online camera includes two areas with unique southern outskirts washed by the waves of the Atlantic – Litoral North and Litoral South

The economy of São Paulo consists of agricultural production, concentrated in the interior of the state. There are also many immigrants living here.

The first settlers from the Old World appeared in Brazil, where the online broadcast comes from, at the beginning of the 16th century, and in 1532 the Portuguese Martino Afonsoudi Sousa officially founded a colony in São Vicente. The pioneers first encountered in conflict situations with the indigenous people – the Tamoyo Indians. Later, a new wave of settlers settled on the territory of the modern cities of Santos and San Sebastian, in which you will still find the imprint of the early colonial period.

Basically, travelers come to Sao Paulo, where the webcam is located. Here they are met not only by historical places, but also by beautiful islands with tropical forests. The largest of them are Ilhabela, the island of Ubatuba with 70 sandy beaches, and Guaruja, similar to Copacabana in the resort of Rio de Janeiro. These beach areas have the highest ranking places.

Cougars and ocelots live in the forests and mountains of the coastal zones behind the beaches.

The coastal part of Sao Paulo in the online camera is divided into two areas: Litoral Norte, which goes from the port of Santos to the northeast, and Litoral Sul, which stretches south to the state of Parana.

So, Litoral Norte with the island white beaches of Ilhabela and the resorts of Ubatuba is considered the most favorite place for tourists to visit on the southeast coast of Brazil, shown online.

The sandy coast of Litoral Sul is a little darker with silty places.

Close to Jureia and Cananeia, and closer to the state of Paraná, lie the gigantic tracts of the Amazon rainforest. From Cananeia to the beautiful island beaches of Cardoso, travelers get on light motor boats or boats.

The bewitching beauty of the coastal forest jungle of Mata Atlantica is revealed to the guests of the country with chic mountain slopes, waterfalls, dense vegetation and a wide variety of wildlife.

Not far from Sao Paulo with online broadcast, on the island of Cardoso, it is interesting to watch caimans in their natural habitat.


In São Paulo, where the live broadcast is from, the summer is warm, damp, humid and quite cloudy. Winter is short, cool, sometimes with rain. During the year, the air temperature in the state in the webcam varies from 13 C to 28 C and is rarely below 10 C or above 32 C.

Weather forecast in the state of Sao Paulo and the city of Ourinhos for 7 days is available on our website online.

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