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Liepaja (Libau) , Latvia
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Liepaja (Libau)

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In that nice webcam you can enjoy the view of the city of Liepaja from the “Liva Hotel”.  Liepaja, where the live broadcast comes from, is third largest city in Latvia and the biggest city in Kurzeme, just like the majority of the Baltic cities, has an immense historical, industrial and state significance. The city, where the wind is born has been the most important non-freezing port in the region and has managed to be a capital of Latvia. But first things first.

The first mentions of the settlement date back to the 13th century and since then has been a prominent entrepot for travelers and merchants. Since the 15th century, a trade route between Amsterdam and Moscow was established through Liepaja online (which was back then called Liva Portus), and with time the amount of transported cargo has only increased – in the beginning of the 20th century it was the starting point for the steamships that headed for New York. Among other infrastructural achievements of Liepaja in the live camera, are the development of the telegraphic connection between Russia and Denmark, the establishment of “Liepājas Metalurgs” metallurgy factory and first city trams in the Baltics. Of course, the main significance in the history of Latvia Liepaja in the webcam, got from the status of the capital of Latvia, when the temporary government was held on the “Saratov” steamship that was stationed in the port of Liepaja.

The amazing history of this city is evident even today – Liepaja online, is the center of the region in all areas, that’s why one can clearly say that this broadcast will always have something to look at.

In Liepaja, where the live broadcast is coming from, there is one of the best beaches on the Baltic Sea coast with fine golden sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. The width of the beach area in some places reaches 70 meters. Liepaja beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its uniqueness and well-groomed nature.

The seaside park Jūrmalas, which appeared in the second half of the 19th century, stretches along the coastline of the city, where the webcam is located. Since then, its territory has grown to 50 hectares, and among the trees and shrubs there are more than 140 different species.

The heart of Liepaja, where the live stream takes place, is the Rožu laukums Central Square. At the beginning of the 20th century, an open-air rose garden was created on its territory. In 2000, the square underwent reconstruction, and the symbols of the twin cities were placed in the flower beds.

On one of the central streets of Liepaja – Zivju (fish), there was a fish market in the past. Nowadays it is no longer here, but there is a popular rock cafe throughout Latvia. There are still several architectural monuments of the 19th century on the street: the “Roman Hotel” and the decorative turrets of the city library, a former women’s gymnasium.

On Kungu Street in Liepaja, where the web camera is located, there is the “house of Peter I” – the former hotel of Madame Hoyer, where the Russian tsar stayed at the end of the 17th century. In front of it there is a building – a functioning House of Craftsmen, where the world’s longest amber beads made of amber stones are kept.

Interestingly, Tirgoņu Street, the first pedestrian alley in the city, was created with funds raised during the first festival for Liepaja residents, where this online camera broadcasts from.

Traveling around the city in a live camera, it is worth taking a walk along Graudu Street, where famous Jugendstil buildings and charming old pavements are located.

Liepaja, shown online, has its own promenade with an interesting attraction – the amber clock. From the height of the walking path, you can see the sea with the port berths of the city.

Of the religious monuments in Liepaja in this online camera, the oldest is the Church of St. Anna, and the largest is the Cathedral of St. Jazep (Joseph), which contains a model of a sailing ship donated to the church by sailors who survived at sea during a storm.

The 18th century Holy Trinity Church houses one of the world’s largest mechanical organs. The temple also has an observation deck with a beautiful view of Liepaja in this live broadcast.

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