Vilnius – Šv. Jono Gatvė

Vilnius - Šv. Jono Gatvė , Vilnius - Šv. Jono Gatvė
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Vilnius - Šv. Jono Gatvė
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Vilnius - Šv. Jono Gatvė

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Vilnius – Šv. Jono Gatvė

Vilnius, Lithuania’s St John’s Street (or Šv. Jono gatvė) as shown on the HD webcam Vilnius is lined with trees, cobblestones and quaint houses and church walls. There is a buzz of pedestrians, even in winter when the trees seem cold and lonely in winter, but wonderfully leafy in summer as seen on Vilnius live cam. Part of the Old Town of Vilnius, it is the home of the Church of St John’s, one of the many wonderful sites to visit in Vilnius. Šv. Jono gatvė leads from Old Town to New Town.

St John’s Church

The church after which St John’s Street was named was built between 1388-1426 and reconstructed in the 16th and 17th centuries. After the great fire in 1737, the church was completely reconstructed in a Baroque style. During the Soviet period, the church was all but destroyed. The church was eventually re-opened again and now resembles its original Gothic structure. What is unique about the church, especially for a church in the Baltics is its collection of 10 presbytery altars. The light from the Gothic windows perfectly illuminates the altars which are arranged in a semi-circle. Twelve out of the eighteen sculptures in its naves are sculptures of a St John. The church is named after St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist.

The St John’s Church is famous for being the highest building in the Old Town. After climbing 193 wooden stairs, visitors are treated to a panoramic view of Vilnius. The view of the Old Town is awe-inspiring. The St John’s Church also hosts the Foucault’s Pendulum which demonstrates the rotation of the earth – a fascinating sight for all visitors interested in science and the wonders of the world.

Vilnius University

The church is home to both parishioners and intellectuals and houses a University museum. Pope John Paul II held a meeting for intellectuals in this very church. It neighbors the Vilnius University which was founded in 1579 and has more than 20 000 students today. It is the oldest continuously operating University in Eastern Europe. The University of Vilnius is pivotal in the culture of Vilnius, and indeed Lithuania. Next to St John’s Church you will find the oldest library in Lithuania, university hospitals, an Astronomical Observatory, botanical garden and, a center of IT development.

Walking down Šv. Jono gatvė

Walking down St John’s Street from the church you will find the entrance to the Konstantino Sirvydo skveras and park. The square is situated in a beautiful green space where residents and visitors can relax and take some time out from the busy city life. It is filled with benches and water features and lots of trees providing shade in the summer months.

Baltic Live Cams shows live web camera footage of many other beautiful sites in this city. Vilnius online shows a stunning panoramic view of Vilnius and the stately Cathedral Square in the Old Town. Camera online footage also shows scenes from Old Towns in other Baltic cities like Tallinn Old Town in Estonia.