Colorado River

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Colorado River

In the webcam there is the 6 million years old Colorado River, the oldest river on planet Earth. The length of the Colorado River in this live broadcast is 2334 km. Its journey goes from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of California in Mexico, passing 7 states of America, 2 countries and 9 national parks.

Colorado, dislpayed online,  supplies 36 million people and dissapearing animals with water, irrigating fields, participating in water supply and hydropower generation.

For the dry west of the United States, this water reservoir, you see in live camera, has become the only salvation.

Recently, the Colorado River, which the online camera is aimed at, is under threat of shallowing due to the large consumption of its resources and old functional systems.

Glenwood Springs

The resort town of Glenwood Springs, where the Colorado River flows online, is located in the center of the Colorado Rocks, between Vail and Aspen, which also has a live feed on Baltic Live Cam.

Among a large number of interesting places, Glenwood Springs, whose natural attraction is clearly visible in the webcam, stands out the popular Glenwood Hot Springs pool with mineral water from geothermal springs. This 100 meter long tank is filled with 34 C temperature water.
In spring time, 4,400,000 m3 of hot mineral water flows from the Yampa spring to the Glenwood Hot Springs basin daily. The Glenwood Hot Springs pool is open year-round.

In the city of Glenwood Springs, where the Colorado River is located in this live camera, there is another geothermal miracle: the “Steam Caves” Yampah Spa and Vapor – rare healing natural phenomena.

These unique caves appeared after a limestone formation flooding by the waters of the Colorado River, shown in an online stream. Slightly acidic and sulphurous waters washed large passages in the porous rock. Later, the water receded, leaving caves behind. Hot water from the Yampa spring flows through the channels to the bottom of the cave and creates natural underground steam baths.

550 million years of mountain building and erosion also left their mark in the form of the “Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park”, where among stalagmites, stalactites and crystalline formations are held interesting excursions.

The most fascinating part of the tour is a visit to the “Barn” – a 5-story hall and the “King’s Row” – a long cave decorated with hundreds of sparkling geological formations.

“Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park” also features the Rock Climber roller coaster. Among the other attractions of the Western-style park, the Alpine slides, quite long in Colorado, and huge swings above the canyon stand out.

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