Lake Iseo

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Lake Iseo

The webcam on Lake Iseo shows one of the most picturesque reservoirs in the province of Bergamo in the Lombardy region, Italy. Live broadcast is conducted in the city of Brescia.

On the shores of Iseo Lake, shown in this online camera, there are colorful miniature villages, architectural monuments and remarkable agricultural buildings.

The lake in the online stream has another name – Sebino. So, Iseo or Sebino, is located between the first spurs of the Southern Alps and the plain of the Po River. Mount Monte Bronzone rises in the west, and Guglielmo and Punta Almana peaks in the east.

On the shore of the city of Bergamo near Lake Iseo, the web camera opens up the most beautiful landscapes and diverse landscapes. There are rocky walls, olive groves, small coves and bays with historic villages. In the center of Lake Sebino in a live camera there is the green island of Montisola – the largest island in Europe on the lake. There are also small islands of San Paolo and Loreto.

In the miniature city of Lovere in the upper part of Iseo in this online camera, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting art gallery of the Accademia Tadini and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valvendra. Further, along the western shore of the lake in live footage, passing the village of Castro, the landscape changes: vertical rocks, tunnels and roads carved into the mountains appear. Closer to Riva di Solto, the relief softens, and the vegetation suddenly turns into a typical Mediterranean one: with beech and olive trees and cypresses.

Each of the tiny settlements near Lake Iseo in the online camera can be proud of something unique: for example, in the Tavernola Bergamasca in the church of San Pietro, beautiful frescoes by Romanino are stored, in Predora there is the ancient church of San Giorgio. Sarnico is known as a recognized resort and attracts with its Art Nouveau villas, the Gianni Bellini art gallery and the luxurious promenade. There are curious temples in Ezmata di Solto, Collina, Credaro and Villongo. Great attention is paid to the castles of Castelli Calepio. And in the vicinity of the village of Solto Collina there is a natural reserve “Valle del Freddo” – the Valley of the Cold.


Brescia, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is the second largest city in Lombardy, a province in northern Italy, located 100 km from Milan. It lies in the foothills of the Alpine mountains on a wide plain, at an altitude of 150 m above sea level.

Brescia, where the webcam is located, is an excellent and comfortable place to relax: from sightseeing of historical and architectural sights and quiet walks through the narrow streets and medieval castles to a variety of shopping and active skiing and yachting.

Brescia in the live camera is the land of beautiful lakes, one of which, Iseo, shown in the web camera online. In the vicinity of the city there are several of the most famous lakes in northern Italy. The largest lake is Garda, rich in romantic landscapes and stunningly beautiful coastal towns.

The crescent-shaped Lake Iseo in live feed, and Idro, located high in the mountains, are very picturesque. Both of these freshwater reservoirs are surrounded by silence, tranquility and romantic moods. It is important to note that all the lakes of the Lombardy region, including Iseo in the live cam, are perfectly suited for active sports.

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