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Düsseldorf , Germany
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Market Square in Düsseldorf

In this online camera we introduce you the Marktplatz market square in Düsseldorf, the central arena of the city. The square showed in a live broadcast is located in a historical area near the Rhine River.

Marktplatz history

It is believed that Marktplatz, shown in a webcam, appeared no earlier than 1382. In 1500, a new town hall was built on this site. Today, the Dusseldorf city government is located right here.

In 1711, the Italian-Flemish sculptor Gabriel de Grupello erected an equestrian monument to the Elector Palatinate, Johann Wilhelm which you can also see online on the square. Once there was a foundry for casting sculptures owned by the Grupello family. After the Second World War, the destroyed building of the Grupello House was restored and it housed the Düsseldorf Council Hall.

In 1739, the Komödienhaus Theatre was built on the site of the old building. In 1875, it ceased to exist, and after six years the theatre house was demolished.

Marktplatz, where the online broadcast is conducted from, often served as a venue for many events, such as a knightly tournament held in honor of famous people.

During the last centuries, other competing markets appeared in Dusseldorf and entailed the relocation of the main city market to Carlsplatz.

Marktplatz architecture and its surrounding

As you can see in the live webcam, Marktplatz houses the city hall and the monument of elector Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm, sitting on a horse. On the trapezoidal market square, shown online, there are such as streets: Bolkerstrasse – at the east, Marktstrasse and Zollstrasse – at the south and Burgplatz square, where the online camera also aims to – at the north. In the north and west there is Marktplatz, bordering with the town hall buildings. In the east of the square there are shops, restaurants and cafes.

Not far from the Marktplatz market square, which is well demonstrated by this online webcam, there is the Navigation Museum, located in a tower on the banks of the Rhine. Museum guests get acquainted with the history of river navigation in Dusseldorf. The halls preserve more than 120 models of marine vessels. Fragments of a 13th-century building are exhibited at the cellar floor of the museum.

In the vicinity of the market square, where this online live camera is aimed on, there is a City Exaltation Monument (Stadterhebungsmonument), the creation of the sculptor Bert Gerresheim, erected in honor of the 700th anniversary of Dusseldorf in 1988. The monument tells about the history of the city.

It is interesting to visit the Film Museum, opened in 1993. Here you can find out the details of the technical film producing and reveal the secrets of lighting effects. The museum’s library stores over 2,500 films, 20,000 documents, 200,000 photos and 20,000 posters.

Of the religious buildings located close to Marktplatz in a webcam, there is the 13th-century St. Lambert Church, made in the Romanesque style. The temple gained popularity thanks to the falling tower. By the way, this church also has Baltic Live Cam live stream. 

Marktplatz events

Marktplatz, well-shown online, is the venue for setting up the Christmas Tree, hosting Christmas markets and other events, including wine festivals. Every year on November 11th on the market square in this web camera hosts a carnival in honor of St. Martin’s Day. Also, there is a carnival procession on Marktplatz on Pink Monday (the culmination of the carnival season).

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