Aqmescit Friday Mosque

Crimea , Ukraine
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Aqmescit Friday Mosque

In the webcam on the right, you can see the Aqmescit Friday Mosque or the Great Cathedral Mosque – the largest Muslim religious building in Crimea. The mosque you see online, has been under construction since 2015. At the end of the construction, it will become the main cathedral Juma mosque of Crimea and Simferopol instead of the oldest building in the city – the Kebir-Jami mosque, one of the main attractions of the peninsula.

The cathedral mosque in the online camera is the main building in the Crimean Tatar style with four identical minarets and a dome. The height of the dome is 28 m. The height of the four minarets is 58 m. The Great Cathedral Mosque in this web camera, is the highest in Crimea. The area of ​​the religious building is 1369 m2. According to the plan of the chief architect, the building is planned to be decorated with the national Crimean Tatar ornament as much as possible.


Simferopol, the live broadcast is coming from, is located on the Salgir River in the center of the Crimean Peninsula.

The city, where the live stream comes from, is administratively divided into 3 districts. The main part of the historical and cultural monuments is concentrated in the Central district. The historic center is located between the main city highway, Kirov Street, and the railway station. This includes the main pedestrian zone – Pushkin Street. The right bank of the river and a narrow strip of the left bank in Simferopol with the webcam, is occupied by the Kievsky district – the most densely populated. The railway area is located in the west and north-west of the city (the villages of Aeroflotsky, Gresovsky, Bitumnoye, Komsomolskoye, Gagarinsky Park).

The most ancient attraction of Simferopol, where the webcam is located, is the Chokurchinskaya cave (the oldest human dwelling in Europe). Not far from it, there a settlement of the 4th century BC eh – Naples Scythian.

The oldest building in Simferopol, where the live broadcast comes from, is the Muslim mosque Kebir-Jami. The main religious building of the Orthodox is the Holy Trinity Cathedral with relics of the Crimean saint, an outstanding surgeon Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky. An interesting attraction is the Karaite kenassa.

There are perfectly preserved memorable buildings in Simferopol you see online: houses where great Russian writers – A. Griboyedov, V. Zhukovsky, L. Tolstoy – temporarily lived.

Mendeleev taught at the Simferopol men’s gymnasium, and Kurchatov studied. The great Russian doctors Pirogov and Botkin worked at the Military Hospital. Empress Catherine II herself prayed in the Church of St. Constantine and Helena.

Samples of landscape architecture of the past are demonstrated in the old estates of Count M.S.Vorontsov, scientist and traveler Peter Palace, physician F.K. Milhausen.

Of the natural attractions of Simferopol with this webcam, the 750-year-old oak “Bogatyr Tavrida” in the Children’s Park deserves attention. Salgirka Park is home to two 200-year-old London plane trees and a five-trunk chestnut, planted in the 19th century.


The climate of Simferopol, which mosque is shown in the live camera, is not at all similar to the climate of the coastal cities of Crimea: there is low humidity. Summer is long and sunny, winter is short and mild (January-February). Spring comes towards the end of March. Autumn in the city is long and warm.

 Weather forecast in Simferopol for 7 days is available on our website online.

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