Balaklava beach

Crimea , Ukraine
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Balaklava beach

The online camera broadcasts the city beach of Balaklava, located in the east of Balaklava Bay, at the very end of the city’s embankment. The beach is free, there are tents, benches and a small cafe near the beach, which you can see in the webcam.

As the live broadcast shows, the coastal area of ​​50 meters is completely covered with concrete, there is a pontoon at the entrance to the sea, where children jump into the water. Some jump from the very concrete edge of the beach in an online camera.

In the online broadcast, you can also notice the steps leading to the sea: they descend to plunge into the warm waters of the Black Sea.


Balaklava, where the live broadcast is coming from, is located near the center of Sevastopol.

The most striking attraction of the resort in this web camera is Balaklava Bay, located among the high mountains.

Of course, the beaches of the city are an important resting place for guests of Balaklava and its residents.

In addition to the City Beach, shown in live broadcast, there are many others in Balaklava, for example, “Marble” (Mramorniy) and “Sailor” (Morskoy). On both beach areas there is the possibility of renting sun loungers, umbrellas, and there are also lifeguard stands. On the “Matrossky” beach, concrete platforms lead to the water, ending in a sheer iron staircase. On the sandy-pebble “Marble” beach there is a gentle descent to the sea.

A large number of beaches are located on the banks on both sides of the entrance to the Balaklava Bay: Zolotoy (Dalny), Serebryany (Blizhny), Vasili (in Vasilyeva Balka) and Yashmovy. These well-maintained pebble beaches are washed by waves of the open sea, so the water here is always clean and transparent.

One of the most interesting historical sights of Balaklava in this web camera is the Naval Museum Complex Balaklava. 

Another popular historic place of the resort, where the online camera is located, is the dilapidated towers and fragments of the walls of the Genoese fortress of Cembalo, located on Krepostnaya Mountain. A magnificent view of the mountains and Balaklava Bay opens from the height of the citadel.

Of the religious buildings in Balaklava, where the online broadcast is conducted from, the oldest Orthodox church in Crimea – the Church of the Twelve Apostles of the 14th century – deserves attention. It was rebuilt several times, and the appearance of the 18th century temple has been preserved to this day. The main shrines of the church that attract tourists are the relics of St. Blessed Basil and St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Not far from Balaklava Bay, there is another religious landmark – St. George Monastery, according to legend, founded in the 9th century. The monastery has gained popularity for its 800-step staircase that leads to the picturesque Yashmovy beach.

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