Port of Feodosia

Crimea , Ukraine
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Port of Feodosia

The commercial port of Feodosia in the webcam, is a universal port located in the western part of the non-freezing Feodosia Gulf of the Black Sea on the southeastern coast of the Crimea peninsula.

The seaport in live broadcast functions all year round to provide cargo handling services: dry and oil products. Its territory is 4.96 hectares.

Currently, the Feodosia commercial port, where the online stream is coming from, is a branch of the Crimean Sea Ports State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea.

Within 4 years, the harbor of Feodosia, shown in the webcam, was transformed into a first-class seaport with the ability to receive ocean-going ships.

Port of Feodosia history

In 1885, it was decided to transfer the main commercial port of Crimea from the South Bay of Sevastopol either to Feodosia, or to the Streletskaya Bay of Sevastopol. In 1890, the port of Feodosia visible online was chosen.

In 1891, construction began on two commercial port jetties in live feed. The harbor bowl was deepened, earthen embankments appeared, and underwater concreting was carried out.

Port facilities in this web camera, a wide protective pier with a lighthouse and railway lines appeared in 1892-1895. Wharves were built for four large shipping companies that belonged to: Russian Steam Navigation and Trading Company (ROPIT), Russian Transport and Insurance Company, Azov and Volga-Don companies.

Basically, export-import transportation was carried out by foreign ships of Greek, British, Italian companies.

In 1899, a commercial port from Sevastopol was moved to the port of Feodosia, perfectly demonstrated online. That affected the revitalization of the internal and foreign trade turnover of the Feodosia port in this web camera.

During the Soviet era, the port in the live webcam did not accept foreign ships, but since 1992 the harbor resumed its work on servicing foreign cargo.


Feodosia, which coast you can see online, is a large port city on the southwestern coast of Crimea. For many decades, the resort in this live camera has been one of the most popular vacation and treatment destinations by the Black Sea.

Feodosia, where the live stream comes from, is located 100 km from Kerch and 110 km from Simferopol.

The city with the online footage, is located on the gently sloping sandy shores of the eponymous Feodosia Gulf of the Black Sea. Within Feodosia, at the Cape of St. Elijah, the famous grandiose Crimean Mountains begin.

The climate of the resort in the web camera, which combines steppe and Mediterranean, is favorable for relaxation and health improvement. There is sufficient humidity and a significant number of warm sunny days.

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