Utyos village

Crimea , Ukraine
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Village Utyos

Webcam on the Utyos Village shows a settlement on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula. At a distance of 14 km there is the city of Alushta, which you can also see in the online camera at the Baltic Live Cam website.

The village in the live camera appeared the revolution: then its land belonged to Princess Gagarina. In memory of this, part of the family estate has been preserved.

Utyos, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is conditionally divided into two parts: a sanatorium and private hotels with the name of Santa Barbara.

The coast of the Utyos village, where the webcam is located, is a coastline of small pebbles with boulders. The sea is crystal clear and transparent. There are many rocks, grottoes and faults. This makes it ideal for snorkelling.

In Utyos, where the live broadcast is coming from, there is a well-developed tourist infrastructure: a large number of bars, restaurants and entertainment centers. There are sanatoriums for families with children.

Not far from the settlement there are such well-known large Black Sea resorts as Alushta, Yalta, the villages of Partenit and Gurzuf that is the advantage of the location of Utyos. Moreover, the cost of apartments in the village with this web camera is much lower compared to other resorts.

Utyos, shown online, has interesting sights. For example, the Palace of Princess Gagarina in the style of romanticism, built at the beginning of the 20th century. There are narrow towers, picturesque fabulous spiers, carved windows. At the entrance there is an inscription in Latin “In ancient times, power”. The palace is located on the territory of the “Utyos” sanatorium, next to which there is an online camera. It is also pleasant to take a walk in the park that belonged to the princess. On the territory of the palace there are shady alleys, benches, beautiful fountains and figuratively trimmed bushes and lawns. And the landscape design of the last century will plunge you into the era of the late 19th and early 20th century. The park of the Gagarina Palace is filled with the aromas of juniper and pine needles, the freshness of the salty spray flying from the sea soars in the air. All this pacification is accompanied by the singing of cicadas and birds.

At the highest point of the Utyos village, shown in the live footage, there is a charming view of Cape Plaka and magnificent panoramas overlooking the Three Sisters and Monk cliffs.

Excursions around Crimea depart daily from the Utyos in the online camera. Numerous offers include mountain horseback riding, boat or yacht cruises and other options.

Life in the Utyos online has been compared to Greek and Spanish resorts, although this place has nothing to do with them. There is a special energy and individuality here. A live broadcasted Utyos village will leave vivid impressions also due to the fact that it is within walking distance of most of the Crimea’s attractions.

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