Dnieper River embankment

Dnipro , Ukraine

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Dnieper River Embankment

In this online camera you can see the most beautiful and widest river of the Dnipro city – the Dnieper River. It is best to enjoy the scenic view of this waterway from its embankment that is demonstrated in the live broadcast on Baltic Live Cam website.

The promenade along the Dnieper, shown in a webcam, stretched for 30 km. This is the longest promenade in Europe. From late spring to the beginning of autumn, the Dnieper embankment drowns in greenery and flowers, and in winter it is covered with white fluffy snow.

There are cafes, restaurants, fountains, original sculptures and monuments along the Dnieper embankment from where the online stream comes from.

At the Festival Pier there is a famous glass symbol of the city in webcam – a ball of desires. Also there is the longest 50-meter “family” bench in Ukraine. When it’s getting dark, the Dnieper River Embankment is illuminated by beautiful lights reflected in the water.

The Dnieper river promenade you see online, in the life feed runs along the right bank of the Dnieper River from the Parus residential area in the west to the South Bridge in the south, passing to Dalekaya Street. The embankment in the webcam has three parts: Zavodskaya Quay, Sicheslavskaya Quay and Victory Quay.

Dnieper River

The Dnieper River, which is shown in a live camera, flows through the territory of three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The mouth of the river in the web camera, is located near the Bocharovo village in the Smolensk region, in the south of the Valdai Hills, and the source flows into the Dnieper estuary of the Black Sea.

Since ancient times, the Dnieper you see in live camera, has been an important waterway. It was first mentioned in the 5th century BC. In the distant past, this river connected the Baltic with the Black Sea. The Dnieper, where the online camera is aimed at, played an important role in the history of Old Russian state formation.

Gradually, large industrial cities appeared near the Dnieper online: Dnepropetrovsk (Yekaterinoslav), Dneprodzerzhinsk (Kamenskoye), Nikopol, Kremenchuk, Zaporozhye (Aleksandrovsk).

The Dnieper, perfectly demonstrated in live feed, has several tributaries: Desna, Berezina, Sozh, Seym and Pripyat.

According to scientists, Rusanovsky Bay and the Strait, as well as the Hydropark Island, did not exist here before. All of them appeared as a result of the spring flood. In particular, Rusanovsky Bay arose at the beginning of the 19th century as a result of the natural confluence of several lakes: Rusanovsky, Vasilyevsky and Sanctuary. Later, Rusanovsky Bay became a strait.

The modern Hydropark appeared as a result of a strong spring water rise, breaking through the Dnieper Dam, destroying Rusanovsky Bridge and Chortory Dam.

Thanks to such spills appeared Trukhanov Island. Today, its northern part is called Muromets.

The Dnieper in this online webcam brought great benefits to local residents. Lush grass always grew on its shores. It was a good feed for livestock grazing in the meadows. Thanks to the formed lakes, fishing began to develop here. The withe that grew near the Dnieper River in this web camera, was used for the manufacture of household items: baskets, whatnots, screens, travel suitcases, chairs, wardrobes, sofas, baby cribs, hats and much more.

The picturesque and powerful Dnieper River, which embankment you see in the online broadcast, was a muse for such great poets and writers as: Bulgakov, Shevchenko, Gogol and Nechuy-Levytsky.

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