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Odessa , Ukraine
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There is the one of the most famous streets of the city of Odessa – Deribasovskaya Street, in the very center of the city in live webcam. In the past, the street in the online camera, once was called La strata Ribas in honor of Don José de Ribas, a Spanish nobleman. Later, becoming a military and statesman, Jose changed his name and began to magnify Joseph M. Deribas. He founded Odessa and the port, which is perfectly visible in webcam. There is Don José de Ribas monument the the beginning of Deribasovskaya Street.

The city of Odessa, where the live stream comes from, has a colorful streets, districts and courtyards. Its historical center is especially good. It is worth to visit the outskirts of Odessa too. Along the Black Sea there is a green and calm Kiev area. To the north there is the Suvorov district.

The city of Odessa in webcam, also offers excellent sandy beaches. The coastline is 30 km long. There is an excellent infrastructure, many restaurants and cafes.

During the day you can have a great time taking sun on the beaches of Odessa in ive broadcast, and in the evening to have fun dancing in a nightclubs here. Near the Shevchenko Park in the center of Odessa online, there is one of the most famous beaches “Langeron” beach. The popular cable car is located on the “Otrada” beach. Beach “Dolphin” is a great place for a family holiday.

In the vicinity of Odessa, that you see in live camera, there is the Kotovka village with best beach “Luzanovka” beach. Along the coast there is a park with cafes and attractions.

In the south of Odessa in online webcam there are several beaches with a common name – “Big Fountain”.

Odessa, where the live broadcast comes from, is rich in its palaces. For example, the Vorontsov Palace and its colonnade, the Palace of the Counts Tolstoy (now the House of Scientists), the Novikov Palace (now the Odessa Local History Museum), the Shah’s Palace.

A special place is occupied by the theaters of Odessa in live broadcast. For example, Odessa Opera House is a cultural symbol of the city and all of Ukraine. Besides, there is a popular architectural monument – the Potemkin Stairs from the list of the most beautiful stairs in Europe. Among the post-Soviet space tourists one of the most popular monuments is the “The 12th Chair” monument, as well as the monuments to Odessa-Mom and Rabinovich, are especially popular.

There are the best museums of Odessa: Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the Museum of Cinema, Museum of internal affairs of Odessa region, Museum of anchors.

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The climate in Odessa you see in web camera, is temperate continental and rather dry with a lot of sunny days. Summer lasts a long time, winter is short. In June, the water temperature in the Black Sea is approximately +19 … + 20 C already. The swimming season lasts until September. Weather forecast in Odessa for 7 days is available on our website online.