Pysanka museum

Ivano-Frankivsk , Ukraine
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Pysanka Museum

The webcam shows one of the most interesting vibrant and attractive cultural and architectural attractions of the city of Kolomyia and all of Ukraine – the Pysanka Museum, opened its doors in 1987.

As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, the Pysanka building has the Easter egg shape and appearance, attracting tourists. Pysanka is an egg, each stroke and pattern of which is symbolic and carries a deep meaning. There is such a technique of art as “pysankanism.”

The Museum of Decorative Easter Eggs, which the online camera is aimed at, stores more than 6,000 eggs from different regions of Ukraine and other countries of the world.

A unique building, well shown in a webcam, appeared on the basis of eggs collection in the National Museum of Hutsul and Pokuttya Folk Art in Kolomyya.

There is an exposition in the center of the museum, and the pysanka itself is constructed of multi-colored glass. In the halls of the Pysanka Museum online, you can get acquainted with ordinary Easter eggs decorated with Slavic symbols of longevity or health, as well as with luxurious specimens with precious stones.

In addition to Easter eggs, the museum in the web camera, also displays other examples of folk art: rushnyks and shirts.

On the ground floor of the building in this webcam there is a shop where you can buy souvenirs.

Besides the unusual expressive Pysanka Museum, where this online stream comes from, in Kolomyia there are other interesting sights.

Annunciation Church

The most striking monument of the wooden sacred architecture of Kolomyia, where the live stream comes from, is the Annunciation Church with a bell tower. This is the oldest wooden church of Hutsul region, built in 1587. The temple is famous for its wonderful iconostasis, the creation of which was attended by the famous Ukrainian artist of the 19th century – Theophilus Kopistinsky.

Savings bank building

The building of the former savings bank of 1891-1892 is considered to be curious architectural monument in the Vienna neo-Renaissance style. The largest hall in the city was arranged here. There were held concerts with the celebrities: S. Krushelnitskaya, N. Sadovsky, M. Zankovetskaya, I. Franko and others. Now it’s the People’s House.

Cathedral Church

The majestic Cathedral Church of Kolomyia, the town in this webcam, was built in 1775. In 1830, it was partially injured in a fire, and its look was almost completely destroyed. In 1895, its reconstruction ended, during which the appearance of the church and its interior were changed. Today, the church is the Greek Catholic Church of St. Jehoshaphat

Town Hall

Kolomyia Town Hall is located on the corner, half-turn to the main square. The town hall was built from 1875-1877 until 1944. In the past, in the premises there was a city magistrate. The balcony of the town hall tower was used as an observation point, where a fireman was on duty 24 hours a day.

Kolomyia Ruthenian church

The Ruthenian Temple began to be built in 1854 on the site of an old Dominican monastery. Its construction was completed in 1855. Inside the church are stored the iconostasis and icons of M. Ustiyanovich and the Hungarian artist Miklos.

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