Maly Mayak resort

Crimea , Ukraine
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Maly Mayak

The webcam of the resort village of Maly Mayak shows a settlement in the southeastern region of CrimeaBig Alushta, between the famous resorts of Alushta and Partenit.

In the past, the village of Maly Mayak, where the live broadcast is coming from, was called Büyük Lambat, which is translated from Tatar as “Bolshoy Mayak”. Then it was a major port of the Middle Ages. But over time, Büyük Lambat lost its status, turning into an almost deserted village. So, a small settlement appeared with a new name – Maly Mayak, which you see online.

The Maly Mayak resort, where the online broadcast is coming from, is located 2.5 kilometers from the Simferopol-Yalta highway, in a picturesque, almost protected, ecologically clean place of the Crimean peninsula.

Cape Karabakh is located in the southeast of Maly Mayak in the web camera, and to the south along the coast there is a miniature elite place “Santa Barbara”. A little further lies Cape Plaka, next to it there is the resort village Utyos, which is also viewed in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website. In the zone of these two settlements the curious and attractive natural object, the famous KuchukLambat stone chaos, runs along the slope to the sea coast.

On the western side of the village of Maly Mayak, where the online webcam is located, rises a part of the Main Ridge of the Crimean MountainsParagilmen Mountain (857 m) with the botanical reserve of the same name. Behind it rises the Babugan-Yaila mountain range.

In the northern part of the village of Maly Mayak, in this live stream, at the southern slopes of Mount Ai Yori (851 m), there is a picturesque Gornoe Lake. And in the northeast, the southern slopes of Mount Kastel (436 m), behind which the resort Alushta is located, also shown in the online camera on the Baltic Live Cam website. In the east of the Maly Mayak online along the Black Sea coast stretched numerous sanatoriums.

The development of the village in this live camera as a resort began in the 19th century, when the Russian elite conceived the construction of beautiful villas and summer cottages. Roads were laid, gardens and parks were created. This is how Maly Mayak continues to grow today.

The sea waters in the area of ​​the village in the online camera are clean, with excellent pebble and wild beaches. Both lovers of inert recreation and fans of active pastime come here.

In recent years, along the coastline (from Alushta to the resort town of Utyos and further to the west) hotels, comfortable slipways and the private sector have been comfortably located. There are also bars, cafes and entertainment venues.

In the area of ​​the village of Maly Mayak, which you see in the online webcam, there are such remarkable natural attractions as: Mount Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain), Cape Plaka, Bird Rocks. There are also magnificent architectural monuments: the palace of Princess A. D. Gagarina and the former estates of General Raevsky (“Karasan”) and P. I. Keppen (“Karabakh”) with amazing old parks where unique plants grow amazing travelers.

The favorable location of the Maly Mayak village in this live broadcast allows tourists to go on excursions to more distant popular natural attractions of Big Alushta and to the sights of the Crimean peninsula.

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