Vilyuchinsky volcano

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Vilyuchinsky volcano

The online live camera perfectly demonstrates the famous Vilyuchinsky volcano (Vilyuchinskaya Sopka) located in Kamchatka. The volcano, visible in the webcam, is located on the watershed of two rivers: Vilyucha and Bolshaya Sarannaya, at the head of the Paratunka River. This giant got its name thanks to Vilyuchinsky Bay.

Currently, the volcano where livecam is located is inactive. Its highest point is at an altitude of 2175 m.

Vilyuchinskaya Sopka with  live view is related to the southern group of volcanoes together with Mutnovsky and Gorely.

Vilyuchinsky volcano, demonstrated in online footage, is one of the most exciting tourist routes. In winter, volcano, perfectly shown online, is completely covered with white snow. In summertime, you can see rocky ribs and the snowy remains on its slopes.

The Vilyuchinsky volcano in HD webcam is often conquered by tourists, walking along the southwestern slope. Climbing skills will be required if you wish to climb the peak.

At the north of the volcano, which is well shown online, there are slag cones and lava domes (25 pieces). On a steep rock there is Zelyonoe Lake. A snowmobile in 15 min can take you to Lake Topolovoye.

The slopes of Vilyuchinskaya Sopka. tah you see in live stream camera, are a great place for both hiking and climbing. Also, freeriders like this place. You can climb the volcano by helicopter or snowmobile. The length of the longest descent is 6 km, and its slopes are in the range of 15 – 35 degrees.

Vilyuchinsky pass

On the western side of the Vilyuchinskaya Sopka volcano in webcam, runs a mountainous and winding Vilyuchinsky pass. Its height in several places is 1 km above sea level.

On the south side of the pass, travelers enjoy views of the Mutnovsky plateau and Gorely volcano. From the east, you can admire the Vilyuchinsky volcano in  live HD stream.

In the southeast of the sopka, visible online, there is a miniature valley. At this point, the waters of the Spokoyny stream and the Vilyucha River overlook the Vilyuchinsky Bay. There are also thermal springs here.

Avachinsky bay

In webcam, besides the Vilyuchinsky volcano, you can clearly see online Avachinsky bay – the largest bay in the world. The most gigantic vessel can easily fit here. The total area of Avacha Bay, well demonstrated in live HD camera, reaches 215 square kilometers. In winter, the water surface of the bay does not freeze.

The shore of Avacha Bay in the web camera, is steep. Rocks mainly start from the very edge of the water, but in spite of it, there are places where it is possible to stroll along a sandy or pebble beach.The length of the bay is 24 km.

Avacha Bay, which you can see in the online camera, is located on the eastern coast of Kamchatka, a closed part of Avacha Bay.

The Avacha and Paratunka rivers flow into the bay. On their banks there are the cities of Vilyuchinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with  livecam.

The entrance to the bay in online HD stream is located between two capes: Bezymyanny and Mayachny, stretching for 3 kilometers. The main port is located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with live broadcast.

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