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Luhačovice , Czech
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The webcam in Luhačovice shows the resort town in the southeast of the Czech Republic in a picturesque valley among the mountains, located in the Zlín region, 30 kilometers from the border with Slovakia.

The resort is located in a lowland and sheltered from the winds, which is conducive to long walks and pleasant outdoor activities. In Luhačovice, where the live broadcast takes place from, there are many hiking trails, beautiful parks and fountains, the most famous of which is the Brussels Fountain. Art lovers, traveling around the city in an online camera, will find inspiration in the mysterious corners of the park with fountains and sculptures, as well as at exhibitions of famous Czech artists and photographers.

Those who prefer peace and quiet will choose to relax in the picturesque wooded surroundings of Luhačovice in an online live camera.

Active tourists can go hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Two kilometers from the city in a live broadcast, by the lake, there is a boat rental and sports equipment. In addition, in Luhačovice, where the webcam is located, there are indoor pools, fitness centers and a bowling alley. In the city shown online, various excursions are organized for excursions in the surrounding area: to the Bata canal, in Vizovice, Kroměříž, Hostý.

Many interesting sights are located in neighboring towns, for example, the castle in Leszna.

In Luhačovice itself, in this webcam, tourists are interested in: the post office building of 1929, the statue of František Veselý on the spa square and the statue of St. Gottard in the castle area, the chapel of St. Elizabeth and the spa theater.

Luhačovice, fwhere the live broadcast is coming from, is a health resort. The spa treatment is based on the use of natural springs in combination with the most modern methods of treatment and rehabilitation (therapeutic drinking therapy, inhalation, bathing in natural mineral water, water procedures, classical, reflexive and hydromassage, electro-therapy).


Springs in Luhačovice

On the territory of Luhačovice in this online camera there are 17 sources rich in sodium bicarbonate and one sulfur source. The most popular of them are: Vincentka, Aloiska, Elektra, sources of Dr. Šťastný and St. Joseph. The surface temperature of the water varies between 10-12 C. The waters of Luhačovice are considered one of the most efficient in Europe, due to their high mineral content and excellent fluidity of carbon dioxide.

The most popular spring in Luhačovice is Vincentka, located behind the colonnade in the Lázeňské Square area. The healing waters of the spring are used for drinking therapy, rinsing and inhalation. They are saturated with boric acid, fluorine and barium.

The Aloiska Spring is another popular spa source. It is located in a park above the White Quarter. Aloiska waters are intended for drinking treatment: especially for diseases of the digestive system. The sources contain a lot of iodine, iron, boric acid and some trace elements.

Ottovka is the third of the most demanded springs in Luhačovice. Located in the west of the spa park, above the tennis courts.

The source of Doctor  Šťastný comes to the surface next to the spa theater. The spring is enriched with boric acid, fluorine, iodine, lithium and barium.

The source of St. Joseph is located near the Church. The spring water is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, as well as for taking baths.

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