Freedom Square

Žatec , Czech
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Freedom Square

In this PTZ webcam, you can get acquainted with the main square of the old town of Žatec – Freedom Square. As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, the area is a classic European square with buildings in different styles, a high tower and a large monument.

In the center of Freedom Square in this online camera you can see a Holy Trinity giant column, designed to defend the city from the plague epidemic.

The city hall and the tower, which are clearly visible in the webcam on the opposite side of the square, were built in the 14th century. Currently, they are excellent observation platforms with a beautiful view of Žatec and neighboring cities on the German-Czech border.

The historical center of the city got the status of a city reserve in 1961.

The town of Žatec is the largest brewing center, and therefore the smallest hopper in the world is located on Freedom Square in this online camera.


The city of Žatec, where the live stream is conducted from, is located on the river Ohře at the distance of 75 km from the Czech capital, the city of Prague.

The city of Žatec you see in webcam, is a center of hop breeding and brewing, sometimes it is called the “hop capital” and “beer capital”. It also houses the Žatec Brewery and the Hop Research Institute.

It is known that Žatec hops are an important ingredient of the classic Pilsner.

In 1997, in the “hop” city, the center of which is shown by this live camera, started to work the entertainment and educational complex of “Temple of Hops and Beer” (Chrám chmele a piva), where excursions are held. Certainly, before the start of the tour, guests ascend to the Chmelový lighthouse (Chmelový maják) with an observation deck. The exposition of the Hop Museum (Chmelařské muzeum) tells about the traditions of Žatec brewing and acquaints visitors with the history of hops growing since the Middle Ages. The tour ends in miniature restaurant-brewery “U Orloje”, where visitors can taste fresh beer and local delicacies.

There are amazing Hop Chimes in the city in this online camera – the only watch in the world with non-traditional performance.

Other “beer” sights of Žatec are: Renaissance Malt-House, Tomb of the first beer lover, Chmelařské náměstí square with monuments of famous hop-growers: Theodor Zuleger, Joseph Fischer and Dr. Hans Damm.

Besides the “beer” sights, in the town of Žatec, part of which this webcam shows online, there are other interesting historical, architectural and cultural landmarks and buildings. For example, the “Hussite Bastion” is the only medieval bastion of urban fortifications that has survived to our times. Now it houses the Gomolupulov Museum.

It is interesting to see the Capuchin Monastery with early Baroque Church of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, located almost in the center of the city in this webcam.

In Žatec, whose area is visible online, there are many historic buildings with amazing architecture, perfectly preserved till nowadays. Most of them not only attract tourists but also serve as a good platform for cinema.

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