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Goiânia , Brazil
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Goiânia Civic Square

Live webcam Praça Doutor Pedro Ludovico Teixeira square, usually called Praça Cívica (Civic Square), located in the city of Goiânia in the Brazilian state of Goias. It was from the place shown online that the construction of the city began. The civic square in webcam is the first square built in 1933. It houses the Palácio das Esmeraldas (residence of the Governor of Goias). Also on Praça Cívica in the online camera there is the Museum of Zoroastro Artiaga (Museu Zoroastro Artiaga), and in its center there is the Monument to the Three Races (Monumento às Três Raças). Every year on October 24, a live celebration of Goiânia’s birthday is held on the square with the participation of national performers of all musical styles. Praça Cívica online also serves as a stage for cultural and religious performances such as Christmas cantata and New Year celebrations, folk demonstrations, in addition to the Corpus Christi celebrations, which are always held in early June.


Goiânia, where the live stream takes place from, is the capital of the state of Goias in central Brazil. The city was named after the Goya Indians who lived in this area before the arrival of the Portuguese, and was founded in 1727 – sometimes it was also called Goias Velho.

In the 18th century, gold was discovered in the Goiânia region on a webcam, and the city became one of the largest miners. The luxury accumulated by Goiânia during the “gold rush” is reflected in the appearance of ancient buildings: the College of St. Anne (1879), the Church of the Nose Senhora d’Abadia (1790), the Museum das Bandieras (1761) and Casa da Fundisan (1752).

Goiânia in this webcam was founded on October 24, 1933 by Pedro Ludovico – Governor of the State of Goias.

These days, the economy of the region where the live broadcast is coming from is largely dependent on tourism, conservation, and agriculture. The city attracts visitors with charming streets and old colonial houses.

In 2001, UNESCO declared Goiânia in this web camera a World Heritage Site: a true embodiment of a perfect example of a harmonious fusion of European style of architecture, adapted to the conditions of South America, using local materials and building technologies.

It is a modern, lively settlement located on a fertile plain where numerous rivers cross. The most important river is Meia Ponte.

The mountains in Goiânia, where the online camera is located, are steep, and at a short distance from the city there are several picturesque waterfalls with beaches and fast river flows.

About 30% of the territory of the capital of the state of Goias is occupied by parks that adorn the streets with beautiful trees. The most famous park is Bosque dos Buritis, covering an area of ​​140,000 square meters. Its main attractions are various varieties of buriti – palm trees with yellow fruits.

On the territory of Bosque dos Buritis stands the World Peace Monument, designed by the artist Siron Franco. This monument contains a 7-meter concrete and glass capsule with a capacity of 40 tons, which stores earth from more than 50 countries of the world. Every year, at a ceremony on World Environment Day, new earth is added to the ampoule.

Another interesting attraction of Goiânia, the square of ​​which you see in the online live camera, is the Chico Mendes Botanical Gardens with a lake and a biological storehouse (fruit trees, orchids and bromeliads).

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