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Gijon , Spain
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Live webcam shows the charming town of Gijón in northern Spain. The old building overlooks Playa de San Lorenzo online and the 15th century church of San Pedro in the Cimadevilla, the oldest part of the city. In this quarter there are the ruins of an old Roman settlement demonstrated in the museum, several attractions such as the Elogio del Horizonte sculpture and other historic buildings including St. Peter’s Church, Parque del Cerro and hotels.

Gijon, where this live stream comes from, is the largest city in the Autonomous Community of Asturias in northern Spain. It is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean, 24 km northeast of Oviedo, the administrative center of Asturias.

Gijón, whose panorama is shown online, is called the pearl of Asturias. It is the oldest and greenest city in the region.

History lovers like Gijón in the web camera, for its ancient architecture, surfers for great waves, party-goers for beach parties and celebrations, and gourmets for seafood and the country’s best Asturian cider.

Despite the fact that Gijón, visible on the webcam, is not a popular beach resort, all recreation areas are marked with the Blue Flag.

Like the San Lorenzo beach online, mentioned above, the rest of the Gijón coastline is also sandy. The most popular beach in the city is the aforementioned San Lorenzo in the webcam. Swimming here is not very comfortable because of the waves and uneven bottom, but surfing and hanging out is very convenient. For a relaxing beach holiday, you can find Arbeyal Beach, while Poniente has a thalassotherapy center.

The clearest example of the Asturian architecture of the 20th century is the complex of buildings of the Universidad Laboral (Calle Luis Moya Blanco, 261). It closed in the 90s and now houses the Center for Arts and Industrial Creativity (LABoral Centro de Arte), one of the faculties of the University of Oviedo, the Graduate School of Performing Arts and the Conservatory.

The height of the main tower of the campus is 120 meters. It was built on the model of the Seville Torre Giralda. It provides an observation platform with a beautiful view of the city.

The oldest part of Gijón in the live footage, is the Cimadevilla settlement, where the ruins of the fortress wall with a beautiful park and fountains have been preserved. On the hill of Santa Catalina stands one of the symbols of the city – the monument “Praise to the Horizon”, an abstract composition depicting a broken circle.

At the sports port of Gijón, city streamed live, there is a cider monument in the shape of a tree with 3200 green glass bottles.

The Ferrocarril Railway Museum (Plaza Estacion del Nte., S / n), housed in a former train station from the late 19th century, is worth a visit.

The best places for walking are the promenade along the embankment and the Isabel park (Isabel la Católica Park) with walking and cycling paths, a pond and attractions for children.

In Gijon, shown in the live camera, still operates bullring Plaza de toros de El Bibio (Av. De la Costa, 1) built in 1888.


Due to the Atlantic Current, Gijón online, is cooler than the rest of Spain. Beach vacation starts in June and lasts until September. The winter is rainy.

 Weather forecast in Gijon for 7 days is available on our website online.

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