Monterrey Castle

Verín , Spain
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Monterrey castle

Monterrey Castle in the webcam is located in the vicinity of the city of Verin. It was erected during the war with neighboring Portugal. A powerful building in the online camera is surrounded by three rows of fortress walls. On the inner territory there is a donjon (the main tower in European feudal castles), built in the 15th century and a church constructed in the 13th century. For some time, a hospital and a monastery were located in the fortress of Monterrey in a live broadcast. In the 19th century, the fortification online was abandoned.

Monterrey Castle (in Galician: Castelo de Monterrei) in the online stream is a real palace-fortress. As you can see in the web camera, it is located on a high hill overlooking the valley of the Tâmega River.

A striking attraction in the online camera is one of the best preserved fortresses in all of Galicia. On June 3, 1931, the castle in the live cam was declared a national monument and is currently an object of cultural interest in the catalog of monuments of the historical heritage of Spain.

The fortress of Monterrey that you see online on air an important role during the Portuguese-Spanish wars, as it always occupied a strategic position near the border.

The medieval castle in the live camera is especially impressive from afar. But, when traveling around Verin, where the live broadcast comes from, it is worth going up to one of the observation platforms of the Monterrey fortress in the webcam. From the height you can enjoy a picturesque view of the city and its surroundings. At night, the castle in the online camera is beautifully lit.

In addition to the medieval fortress of Monterrey in the online camera, the city has many of other interesting sights: La Merced Square, the source in Cabreiroa, the San Lazaro Chapel, Viriato Square, the avenue along the Tamega River, La Alameda Gardens, El Rey Square and the Main Square .


Verín, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is a city and municipality in the southeast of the province of Ourense, the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. During the Medieval era, it was called Santa Maria de Verin.

From the beginning of its existence, the city in the web camera was a Roman villa. During the Middle Ages, Verin in the online cam lost its dominance and was a peaceful farming town, and Monterrey Castle in the online broadcast became the center of a rather small area.

Despite this, live streamed Verin was occasionally involved in the military conflicts of the successive rulers of Monterrey, as well as in the border disputes between Spain and Portugal.

Together with the Portuguese city of Chaves, Verin with the live camera, forms the first and most important Eurocity declared by the European Commissioner’s Vertical Section Committee on Urban Heritage. Eurocity (sometimes called cross-border agglomeration) is the level of administration of territories within the European Union and may consist of one or more agglomerations located on either side of a common border between two European states

Of the interesting events in Verina, shown online, the Entroido Festival, proclaimed a national tourist attraction, stands out in particular. This event is one of the most popular carnival celebrations in the region. The celebration falls on Sunday morning and is called “Domingo de Corredoira”, accompanied by the sounds of fireworks and brass bands.

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