Villablino town view

Villablino , Spain
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This online camera is aimed at Plaza Sierra Pambley, located in the small Spanish municipality of Villablino, Province of Leon. Besides the area in the webcam, you can see a cafe, restaurant, shops, residential buildings and beautiful mountains in the background.

Villablino, where the live broadcast comes from, is a town located on the southern slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains, forming the border with the province of Asturias.

Rocks in this part of Spain are considered one of the oldest in the country.

n Villablino, which you see online, are concentrated the main state building of the region, as well as commercial and recreational facilities.

The legacy of the great Spanish philanthropist don Francisco Fernandez Blanco de Sierra Pambley, which name has the square in this live camera, is well represented in his 18th-century palace house. Today, there are various cultural events in this house.

One of the most striking attractions located near the town of Villablino, whose center is shown by an online camera, is the Parqué Natural de Somiedo National Park, located among the Cantabrian Mountains in the south of the neighboring province of Asturias, 75 km from the city of Oviedo. This natural park is always cool and humid, it often rains and fog.

The territory of the Park de Somiedo occupies 292 sq. Km. There are 5 deep green valleys scattered among the snow-covered mountains. The most popular valley is Valle del Lago, in the upper part of which there are beautiful glacial lakes, and in the lowland – summer pastures.

The hills of the valley are covered with beech forests, and the lowlands are buried in flowers. There are many meadows and pastures in the valleys with ancient hunts teito or brañas.

Nowadays, there is one settlement in the webcam, remained unchanged. There are several huts teitos called La Pornacal. There are still residents in some of them.

The animal world of the National Park de Somiedo is diverse, there are: deesr, roe deers, wild boars, badgers, martens, wolves, hares, foxes, brown bears, grizzlies.

Amphibians, reptiles, nutria and more than 100 species of birds live in the reservoirs of the park.

The reserve also has a second name – “Brown Bears Kingdom”. Here live the largest number of these bears in Spain (more than 150 individuals).

The Park de Somiedo has the richest vegetation in all of Asturias where the live broadcast comes from. Local beech forests grow up to 30 meters. There are oaks, yews, birches, chestnuts, spruces and pines.

De Somiedo received the status of a national park in 1988, and since 2000 it has been recognized as a biosphere reserve and included in the list of objects protected by UNESCO.

There are many hiking trails in the park.

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