Laredo seaside

Laredo , Spain
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Laredo seaside

The PTZ online camera is aimed at the picturesque Cantabrian coast of the Spanish city of Laredo, located between the Treto River and Santoña Bay, which also falls into the webcam lens.

On the shore in a live broadcast there is the largest and most beautiful beach in the region – La Salve, especially popular among surfers.

The 60-meter Cala de Tunel beach is accessible via a pedestrian rock tunnel.

On the giant 3900-meter Regaton Beach, you can ride a horse, rent a yacht, canoe or water bike.

In Laredo, whose coastal zone is shown online, there is a miniature island called Suaces, which separates two 200-meter beaches: Los Barcos and Ris.

Besides Laredo itself, where the online stream is coming from, there is the town of Santoña located on the opposite bank of the Santoña Bay that is also visible in a webcam. You can see the Fuerte San Martin fortress, Santoña beach (Playa de Santoña), Capitanía Marítima de Santoña building, owned by the naval command.


The Cantabria Autonomous Society in this online camera is located between the Cordillera mountain range and the Bay of Biscay. In the neighborhood there are: Basque Country, Leon, Castile and Asturias.

There are three geographical zones in the region: coastal La Marina, mountain La Montaña and southern valleys with the territory of Campoo.

The capital of Canabria is Santander, where there is also a live broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website. Largest cities in the region are: Torrelavega, Castro Urdiales.

In Cantabria, the coast of which is shown in an online live camera, there are six protected natural places, the most popular of which is the dune park de Parque natural de las dunas de Liencres near the Pas river.

The real natural wealth of Cantabria online, is the Peaks of Europe National Park, which occupies 700 square meters. km

In the province where this webcam is located, there are important archaeological sites of the Paleolithic era. For example, Cave of Altamira (“Sistine Chapel”) with cave paintings, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

To know more about the unique culture of the region better in the Ethnographic Museum in Muriedas, which has collected bright household items.

Throughout Calabria, with one the beaches in the live camera, there are typical two-story houses with gable roofs – Casa Montañesa. Many of them form Pueblo settlements and represent vibrant architectural ensembles.


In Cantabria online, an oceanic climate prevails. Summer is not hot, and winter is warm. The valleys in the south of the region and the territory of Campoo, closed by mountains, have their own Mediterranean microclimate. Weather forecast in Laredo for 7 days is available on our website online.

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