Jakub Weiher Square

Wejherowo , Poland
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Jakub Weiher Square

The live stream shows the Jakub Weiher Square or Market Square of the Polish city of Wejherowo. In the online camera the city hall with an old bell is clearly visible also. In the center of the square there is a sculpture of Jakub Weiher himself, visible in the live broadcast, a statesman and military leader, the founder of the city in the 17th century.

Next to the town hall shown online there is the Church of the Holy Trinity, which was also founded by Jakub Weiher in the 17th century.


Traveling around Tricity (GdanskSopotGdynia), it is worth visiting the town of Wejherowo, where the online broadcast is coming from. The city is part of the Kashubian culture (of the Polish people), which you can get acquainted with in the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Music and Literature.

If you walk along Dworcowa Street, at the end of it you will find a very noticeable modern house – the Weiher Cultural Center.

The park of the writer and journalist Regina Osovitskaya, in front of which there is an original fountain, is very popular for walking.

In Wejherowo, where the live broadcast is conducted from, there is a large park with 26 chapels – “Kalwaria” or “Golgotha”. It appeared thanks to the aforementioned Jakub Weiher in the 17th century. The park has another name – Kashubian Jerusalem. It is interesting that all the chapels in the park were built in a way to maintain a distance between them equal to the distance between the stops of Christ on the way to Calvary. You can end your walk around the grounds with the Herod’s Palace Chapel and the Chapel on Sedrin.

Another interesting local attraction is the park of the Kashubian writer A. Majkovsky. It is located next to “Kalwaria”. Here is the Przebendowskich i Keyserlingkow Palace with a museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian music and literature.

From the religious monuments of the city, where the webcam is located, the Church of St. Anne deserves attention. It contains the crypt of the family of the founder of Wejherowo Jakub Weiher, as well as the crypt of the Pshebendowski family, whose palace is located in Majkovsky Park. Another interesting church is the Church of Stanislaus Kostka.

The historical part of Wejherowo, which square is shown in the online live camera, is quite small, it is easy to get around it in a short time. If you turn to Walowa Street, you can find an interesting sculpture with elements of Kashubian culture.

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