Racibórz city view

Racibórz , Poland
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In front of you in the online camera there is the ancient city of Racibórz – the historical capital of Upper Silesia, located on the high bank of the Odra River.

The status of the city of Racibórz, where the live broadcast is coming from, received in 1299.

The most striking attraction of the city in the webcam is the Church of the Holy Spirit – the main temple that served as the princely necropolis. Now the city Museum is located in the church. Here is kept the Egyptian mummy of Dżed-Amonet-ius-anch , which was brought to Racibórz by a loving traveler as a gift to a lady of the heart. She rejected this extravagant gift and the mummy permanently settled in the museum among the exhibits of the House of Osiris exhibition.

There is another interesting exposition in the museum: “Ancient Dental Techniques” with a collection of dental supplies for dentists.

From the historical sights of the city, which panorama is shown in the online stream, stands out Racibórz Castle, built at the end of the 13th century by the order of Prince Przemysl, father of the patroness of Racibórz – Princess Ofka. Recently, during excavations, archaeologists have discovered an underground passage leading from the dungeon of the castle to the other side of the Odra. On one of the castle walls were found graffiti from the 17th century.

Among the religious monuments of great importance is the majestic chapel of Saint Thomas of Canterbury similar to the French Saint-Chapelle.

The famous Mari Column is considered an important landmark of Racibórz where the live broadcast comes from. Its history is connected with cholera that came to the city in the 18th century.

In 1727, when the epidemic passed, the city authorities installed a statue of the Virgin Mary on the Market Square. The author of the monument was the famous Austrian sculptor Johann Melchior Österreich. The brooding Madonna rises among the angels, standing on the head of a giant serpent. According to legend, the Mari Column stands above a large underground source, and in the case of the destruction of its foundation, the city will be immediately flooded.

During the flood in 1998 in Racibórz online, local residents remembered the archaeological work that had been carried out on the Market Square a year earlier.

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