Krakow Gate

Lublin , Poland
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Kraków Gate

The architectural and historical symbol of the city of Lublin – the Kraków Gate is perfectly demonstrated by web camera online. This defensive structure, executed in the Gothic style, was erected in the 14th century under King Casimir the Great. The gate are located in the west of Old Lublin.

Kraków Gate that you see on the right in live broadcast was erected after the powerful invasion of the Tatars in Lublin in 1341. The name of the gate – “Kraków Gate” online, has got due to their location: on the trade route from Krakow to Lithuania. Initially, the gate was an integral part of the defensive structures of the city. The city of Lublin itself was surrounded by a moat with water and it was possible to enter only with the lifting bridge help.

The Kraków Gate that you see in online webcam, was used as a front door to the city for kings and nobles.

In the 15th century the gates in the live camera, were reconstructed for the first time: a two-storey brick superstructure made of thin brick with a diagonal pattern was made. In the 16th century, the gate two times was suffered from a fire. After the fire, which occurred in 1575, it was decided to build an octagonal copper dome, crowned by a tower.

The square in front of the Kraków Gate you see online, was a gathering place for urban musicians, gradually becoming the main commercial and social center.

Since the 17th century, the gates in live broadcast have not been used for their intended purpose and have gradually lost their appearance. They were threatened with demolition, which, fortunately did not take place.

In 1965, in the Kraków Gate demonstrated in web camera, was opened Lublin history museum, telling about the city, starting from the 6th century until the end of the Second World War.

Lublin, where the Kraków Gate online, is located, lies on the eastern bank of the Vistula River. The city is very attractive for tourists who actively seek to see local attractions. Lublin, where the live broadcast comes from, is one of the oldest cities in Poland with well-preserved monuments of history since the middle Ages. Most part of them are concentrated in the Old Town of Lublin in the web camera. By the way name “Lublin” is mentioned already in 1198.

A remarkable history of the city is imprinted in the old walls of various structures and streets of Lublin. The oldest buildings are located on the Castle Hill. Very important historical monuments of the city are the Romanesque cylindrical tower, preserved from the Royal Castle and the chapel of the Gothic style Holy Trinity.

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