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Sanok , Poland
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Market Square in Sanok

The webcam shows the Market Square in the city of Sanok, located on a hill above the Sanok Valley. The square, broadcasted live, surrounded by apartment buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. The most notable building overlooking the territory in the online camera is the former city magistrate.


For the first time Sanok, where the online stream is coming from, is mentioned in 1150, when the King of Hungary Geiza crossed the Carpathians and annexed this settlement to his possessions.

The city shown in the webcam is located among picturesque landscapes above the San River valley, at the foot of the Slonny Mountains and the Bukovsky lowlands. Currently, Sanok in this live footage, is actively developing as a popular tourist center of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, has many interesting sights and excellent infrastructure. In the city, the area of ​​which you see in the online camera, there is a large number of objects of sacred architecture, the villa of the Zaleski family, the building of the city hall and others.

The most striking tourist attraction of Sanok online, is the royal medieval castle of 14015 centuries. Inside the fortress there is a historical museum with the largest collection of church icons in Poland. There are also works by the famous Polish artist, a native of Sanok – Zdzislaw Beksinski.

Another popular tourist destination in Sanok in live camera, is the Sanok Museum-Skansen, a center of folk architecture and life – one of the most popular museum institutions in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

In the vicinity of Sanok, whose market square is shown on the webcam, there are several fascinating hiking and cycling tourist routes, for example, the “Schweik Way”.

In general, the tourist infrastructure is well developed in Sanok: there are many objects that are interesting to see. Other frequently visited places in Sanok in the online web camera, are an ice rink, two stadiums, as well as a ski resort in the village of Karlików, located next door.

Every year, the live-streaming city hosts various festivals, such as Adam Didur Vocal Music, At the Borderlands folklore, and various food and traditional fairs.

Religious landmarks of Sanok city in the webcam:

  • Greek Catholic Church of St. Demetrius (1867)
  • Wooden church of St. Nicholas (1667)
  • Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (19th century)
  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (1784-1789)
  • Franciscan church and monastery (17th century)

Fortifications and palaces in Sanok:

  • Villa Zaleski (1896-1910)
  • Rameruvka (19th century)
  • Sanok Royal Castle (14-15th century)

Other monuments of architecture and history of Sanok:

  • Building of the city guard at the castle (18th century)
  • Building of the sports society “Sokol” (1900)
  • Mansionary house (1750-1775)
  • Sanok Town Hall (18th century)

Museums in Sanok:

  • Historical Museum
  • Museum of Folk Architecture

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