Saint Petersburg , Russia
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Saint Petersburg

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In webcam there is Peterhof – “Russian Versailles”, the Russian emperors’ country residence. Peterhof, which you see online, is located near St. Petersburg. The first stone was laid by Tsar Peter I in 1712 in honor of the Russia victory in the Northern War.

Peterhof, well demonstrated in online camera, is a picturesque palace and park complex with more than 150 fountains – the real Fountains Kingdom.

Besides the beautiful cascades, which are also clearly visible in the webcam, Peterhof has many palaces, pavilions, monuments, avenues, flower beds. There are well-preserved to oaks, dating back several centuries.

The palace and park complex, well shown online, is divided into two zones: New Peterhof with the most important sights and Old Peterhof.

The most popular place in Peterhof in the live camera, is its palace and park complex and famous fountains that you can see in the live camera. Peterhof also can be viewed from a height. For example, from the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul observation platform.

On working days you can visit the watches manufacture factory “Rocket”. The watches masters are happy to tell about this interesting craft.

Peterhof, whose fountains are visible online – is a world important monument.There are: Upper Garden and Lower Park territories. The key attraction of the Lower Park is the Grand Cascade online, with the Samson fighting with lion statue. Being in Peterhof, part of which can be seen well in the live webcam, pay a visit to Alexandria, the residence of the last Russian emperors. Do not miss the chance to see the Cottage Palace, Farmers Palace and the Gothic chapel.

Peterhof is rich in beautiful parks: Alexandria Park; Kolonistsky landscape Park with “Olgin Pond”; Meadow Park; English Park and Oldenburgsky Park, passing along the sea in Old Peterhof demonstrated in live stream.

In the view of Peterhof, where live cam is located, you can see the works of well-known architects as Rastrelli (the Grand Palace and the Catherine Palace) and Voronikhin (marble colonnades).

The author of the Hermitage pavilion project is Tsar Peter I. The Monplaisir palace was built by architects: Andreas Schlüter, Johann Friedrich Brownstein, Jean-Baptiste Le Blond, Niccolò Michetti. The Marly Palace was designed by Johann Brownstein.

The main attractions of Peterhof is its fountains that you see in the online camera. Being in the Upper Garden, get acquainted with the Mezheumny Fountain. Visiting the Lower Park, do not pass by the Samson Fountain.

In Peterhof, in live camera, there are 3 waterfall stairs, 64 fountains, 255 antique themes sculptures and bas-reliefs. The oldest fountains of Peterhof are Adam and Eva twin fountains. By the way, in Peterhof there are two exact copies of the fountains that stand near the St. Peter Cathedral in Rome.

Also, there are so-called “fountains-crackers” in Peterhof online: “Fir trees”, “Dubok”, “Chinese umbrella”, “Divanchiki”. All of them can release a water jet unexpectedly, and make wet passing tourists.

Form the terrible “Water way” fountain you will not go dry. So,it is switched ON only 3 times a day just for one minute.

The Favoritny fountain invites to look at the funny ducks and the dog trying to catch them.

Besides the all above-mentioned attractions of Peterhof, from where online stream is conducted, there are several museums. For example, in a Special Storeroom Museum there are emperors’ jewels and relics. In the Grand Cascade grottoes there is the Museum of Fountain Business. In the Bath Corps Museum you will know about the royal court everyday life. On the Golf of Finland there is the Museum of Imperial yachts. And in the Sovereign’s Fun Museum with the help of modern multimedia technologies you will get to know the Peter I world.

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