Feodorovsky Cathedral

Saint Petersburg , Russia
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Saint Petersburg

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Feodorovsky Cathedral

The majestic Feodorovsky Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God in this webcam is located in the center of St. Petersburg, not far from the Moscovsky railway station.

The temple in a live broadcast was erected in 1913, in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty.

Near the Feodorovsky Cathedral in the online camera there is a red brick fortress wall with towers and arches, similar to the wall of the Moscow Kremlin.

The Feodorovsky Church in St. Petersburg, shown in the web camera, is unusual in that it was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and its appearance, as it was intended, corresponds to the style of the era of Mikhail Romanov.

The five-domed Temple in the online broadcast with domes covered with gilded copper impresses the guests of the northern capital. The area of ​​the religious building in the webcam is 350 sq. m, height – 48 m. Inside the cathedral, 3500 parishioners can pray at the same time (1500 in the lower church and 2000 in the upper one).

During the construction of the Feodorovsky Cathedral, which you see in live cam, 11 bells were raised to the bell tower, 9 of them with the names of members of the royal family. One of the bells “Mikhail-Nikolai” weighs almost 9 tons.

The walls of the church building in the online camera are covered with white stone, and the facades are decorated with carvings and colorful tiles. The main decoration of the facade from the main entrance is a majolica panel measuring 4.24 by 12.76 meters, made according to the sketch of the artist Sergei Vasilyevich Chekhonin. It depicts the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow, the Mother of God and the family tree of the Romanov family.

The functioning Feodorovsky Temple of the Icon of Mother of God in the live broadcast among the locals is usually called the Feodorovsky Cathedral or, for short, the Fesobor.

Currently, services in the Feodorovsky Cathedral are performed every day. The parish of the temple is also active outside of worship. Also at Feosobor work:

– Sunday school for children

– Religious and educational courses

– School of Biblical Philology

– Theological and philosophical seminar

– Self-help groups for addicts

– Temperance Society

– School of singing

– Socio-informational reception

– Excursion service

– Sewing workshop

The most beautiful Temples of St. Petersburg

Designed by great architects and built during the heyday and peak of the power of the Russian Empire, the Orthodox cathedrals of St. Petersburg, where the online stream is conducted from, attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

From 1733 until 2012, the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was the tallest building in the city, and until 1952, the tallest in Russia. Members of the Russian ruling dynasty, including Peter I himself, and the Grand Dukes were buried in the cathedral.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

This religious building is one of the most famous and beautiful domed structures in the world.

Transfiguration Cathedral

This Temple is an architectural monument of classicism, which has never stopped worship during the entire history of its existence.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The famous Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, built as a memorial at the site of the assassination attempt on Emperor Alexander II (March 1, 1881). The cathedral resembles St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral

The religious monument is one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in St. Petersburg. The construction of the temple continued for 40 – until 1783.

Trinity Cathedral

The gigantic dome of the Trinity Cathedral lies south of the flamboyant Baroque domes of St. Nicholas Cathedral. The temple built by Vasily Stasov is a fine example of classical architecture.

Kazan Cathedral

The majestic cathedral, which is also broadcasted online on the Baltic Live cam website, was built in the Empire style on the site of the old Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in honor of the Kazan miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

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